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Are Frost fairies baking talents? I mean, we do like to our frosting on stuff :)
2016-12-20 12:46 Reply|
Visitors at 1221. Its the same number backwards    PLOT TWIST
2016-12-20 12:23 Reply|
194 hours. Where my girls with too much time on their hands at XD
  • LabsNotDabs✨: *raises hand* I am here. I have spent almost twice as much of that time on this site, but let's forget about that... (12-20 17:26)
  • Morgana: Geez, but HELLO BUDDY XD (12-20 17:49)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Heyo! (12-20 22:11)
2016-12-20 12:14 Reply|
Looking back at my older posts and cringing at my spelling errors. Whoops  
  • LabsNotDabs✨: I spent thirty minutes reading through mine the other night and all I could think was "oh man, anyone who knows me would condemn me due to this". (12-20 22:14)
  • Morgana: I was disappointed in myself for not double-checking. You're great though XD (12-20 22:37)
2016-12-20 10:05 Reply|
Faye Q&A!!! Ask me anything, I'm ready. I'm also relatively bored in my class and need the entertainment that comes with talking to others. Plus, it rhymes  
  • LabsNotDabs✨: What is your biggest pet peeve? (12-20 17:23)
  • Morgana: Ooh that's a tough one. Victimizers? People who smoke near school zones or no smoking signs? Teachers who can't teach? Prejudices people? People with a superiority complex? Idk... (12-20 17:47)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Aha. Very insightful answers! (12-20 18:42)
  • Morgana: Prejudiced* Gahhh, I only make these mistakes on my phone... (12-20 19:32)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: As a friend has once told me, Auto-correct should really be called "Auto-incorrect". (12-20 19:38)
  • Morgana: Your friend... is... a... GENIUS XD (12-20 19:41)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Haha. (12-20 19:44)
2016-12-20 10:00 Reply|
2016-12-19 15:22 Reply|
*leans and dabs*  
2016-12-19 15:22 Reply|
Shout out to Violet for being Violet! She's just too fab, kind, and extremely helpful XD
  • Villiana: I agree! She is very kind and helpful, she gives amazing advice.<3 You deserve many shout outs and applause, I shall give you one, it will be in my activities.<3 (12-18 23:37)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Awww, thanks! :) (12-20 22:15)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Thank you for warming my stone cold heart while I am falling asleep on my keyboard. <3 (12-19 02:33)
  • Morgana: Well, your shout out warmed my freezing cold self. It's literally really cold out here XD (12-19 08:37)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Aww, haha! (12-19 17:07)
  • Morgana: Feels below zero here. May Mother Nature have mercy on my soul XD (12-19 17:23)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Grab a blanket ... Or 9001. Then you would be over 9000. (12-19 17:27)
  • Morgana: It's times like these when I wish I had a fire place... (12-19 17:28)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Oh, thanks for reminding me about my fireplace which I have never used. If only I could hand it over to you. (12-19 18:00)
  • Morgana: Lucky! But it's the thought that counts :) (12-19 18:48)
2016-12-18 17:10 Reply|
The new Christmas theme for the forum looks lit  
  • Villiana: True. It does, looks beautiful.<3 (12-18 13:17)
2016-12-18 12:51 Reply|
I don't post "much," but when I do... *eyebrow wiggles*
2016-12-18 12:50 Reply|
Honestly speaking, May Lovelymist (AKA Villiana) is one of the sweetest people on this forum XD
  • LabsNotDabs✨: I agree! She is such a sweetheart! (12-17 23:44)
  • Morgana: You are too, of course! But I figured I make too many shoutouts of you XD (12-18 12:46)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: I think you need a shout out, actually. :p (12-18 12:56)
  • Morgana: You already technically gave me one XD (12-18 13:22)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: I guess you can have another. (12-18 13:57)
  • Villiana: You are as well Faye, your wonderful, kind, sweet,caring, loving. You are an amazing friend.<3 (12-18 23:35)
  • Morgana: Thank you! (12-19 08:35)
  • Villiana: Your welcome.<3 (12-19 16:30)
2016-12-17 16:21 Reply|
I'm a human being, not a chess piece.
2016-12-17 16:10 Reply|
YA GURLS A MINISTER!!!!! Get rekt      
  • Villiana: Congrats Faye, you earned it<3 (12-15 22:45)
  • catcatherine: Omg how did you get so many credits xP But congrats <3 (12-15 23:37)
  • Morgana: I mostly stalked other people's pages. Occasionally commented on some threads. (12-16 08:03)
  • catcatherine: Ah niceeee xP (12-16 11:17)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Congratulations, Faye! This was well deserved. You're the first Minister of the site! *claps* (12-16 23:06)
  • Morgana: Well, not really. You were technically the first and Dawn was the second. I'm just the only one who isn't actually holds the title XD (12-16 23:49)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Oh, hush. It was really you. :p (12-17 00:13)
  • Morgana: Why did I put isn't there? Honestly, my brain isn't functioning at normal levels anymore XD (12-17 15:52)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: My brain is the same. We all need help. (12-17 16:15)
  • Morgana: You're brain is fine, if not more functional than everyone else's XD (12-17 16:20)
2016-12-15 21:13 Reply|
MY page just doesn't feel the same without the background and the header...
2016-12-15 21:09 Reply|
Im constantly accidentally clicking support and not support when on my phone. Gosh darn thumbs and small screens. If I disliked your post, it was entirely by mistake. I'm dumb like that  
2016-12-15 12:31 Reply|
I've officially given up on my page. Until I'm sure the update is done, I'm going to be extremely lazy. Or not. I'm a bit contradictory.  
2016-12-15 12:29 Reply|
I need a life... but I can settle with free time.  
2016-12-15 09:52 Reply|
What's this summer reading nonsense? Or homework over the weekend/vacation? Don't you take enough? Must you now steal my soul too?
2016-12-15 09:52 Reply|
Oh, so you want ton take up 6+ hours of my day and then give me homework? That's evil.
  • Villiana: It is. My homework takes me more then 4+hours. (12-15 20:14)
  • Morgana: Same. And I said ton not too. How I hate typing on my phone sometimes. (12-15 20:29)
  • Villiana: I can relate. They expect you to do your homework, come to school, pay attention, do your classwork, and get a good grade, it all doesn't make any sense when they barely give you enough sleep. (12-15 20:38)
  • Morgana: They wake you up too early for class, and keep you up too late for homework. What total nonsense. (12-15 20:43)
  • Villiana: Agreed. They give you homework that takes more then half of your time at home, then they expect you to be all happy and enthusiastic for school the next day. (12-15 20:46)
2016-12-15 09:51 Reply|
Why, just why, must I go to school? AND JUST WHY IS IT SO GOSH DARN EARLY IN THE MORNING?!?
  • Villiana: I wish I knew the answer but that same question pops up in my mind almost every single day. (12-15 20:13)
  • Morgana: I mean, they can't seriously expect me to be fully functioning at 7:50 am? (12-15 20:29)
  • Villiana: True, it's very hard to listen to what the teacher is saying in first period, you're barely awake and they expect you to pay attention.. (12-15 20:36)
  • Morgana: I take the city bus in the morning and the amount of self control it takes to just not shut my eyes and fall asleep is commendable. Wouldn't want to end up in Atlantis or something... (12-15 20:42)
2016-12-15 09:49 Reply|

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