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"Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice. The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love." ~ Morihei Ueshiba
2017-2-2 17:02 Reply|
Well, that doesn't make it better, now does it?
2017-1-25 23:01 Reply|
At least that only translates to a little over 13 days online nonstop.
2017-1-25 23:01 Reply|
Oh gosh. 326 hours. What have I been doing?
2017-1-25 23:00 Reply|
  • catcatherine: <3 The site has become so much better now that you're back (1-22 21:23)
  • Morgana: I was "gone" for a week XD I was so weak rotfl (1-22 21:37)
  • catcatherine: Haha <3 (1-22 23:01)
2017-1-22 18:27 Reply|
I'm, um. Back?  
  • twilight: welcome back! :3 (1-22 21:01)
  • Morgana: Thank you! (1-22 21:36)
  • twilight: lol, Np. xD (1-23 00:23)
  • catcatherine: YAYYYY FAYEEEE WE MISSED UUUUUUUUUUU (1-22 21:22)
  • Morgana: I never really got around to leaving, tbh (1-22 21:36)
  • catcatherine: Ik haha (1-22 23:00)
  • Villiana: Welcome back Faye, we all missed you dearly.<3 *hugs* (1-22 21:48)
  • Morgana: It was like a week XD (1-22 21:50)
  • Villiana: Yes a week of true sadness without you.<3 (1-22 21:51)
  • Daisygarden: FAYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* I'm so happy your back! (1-26 19:38)
2017-1-22 18:25 Reply|
Hello everyone! I'd just like to say I love you all dearly, but I'll be quitting the Hollow. Thanks for always being here.
  • Villiana: WHAT?? Nooo Fayeee please stay. You were my very first friend and you are my best friend.. please don't. Visit at least.. I am actually crying. ;( I do not have many friends in real life. (1-15 23:54)
  • Villiana: We will miss you dearly Faye, you are amazing, though promise to visit sometime. *hugs* (1-16 00:06)
  • Morgana: I'll miss you too! I'll be deleting all my accounts (except this one). In time, I'll delete this one too, though. This was a tough decision for me, but some of my friends haven't been living up to my (1-16 00:29)
  • Morgana: Standards and have betrayed my trust. You are not one of them though, but honestly, you're making me cry. You've always been so sweet and thoughtful and it'll be hard not seeing you. You can still (1-16 00:30)
  • Morgana: Contact me if you'd like, just elsewhere. (1-16 00:31)
  • Villiana: I will, you can PM me any contacts that you have so we can stay in touch. You will forever be in my heart. (1-16 15:45)
  • Morgana: And you in mine :) (1-16 21:14)
  • PrincessKawaii: I just heard about this and I'm honestly shocked. I don't know what made you do this, and I don't wanna know but please keep in touch. (1-16 16:09)
  • Morgana: You can always contact me on Hangouts. (1-16 21:15)
  • Villiana: Faye, tell me your Hangouts contact in PM and I will tell you mine, (Mado Rani) (1-17 18:39)
  • PrincessKawaii: I consider you a good friend and this just makes me sad. You'll be greatly missed bby. (1-16 16:09)
  • Morgana: And I consider you and amazing wife. Keep being you, Juni :) (1-16 21:15)
  • Morgana: An amazing* autocorrect, amirite? (1-16 21:16)
  • PrincessKawaii: Thanks for making me sob again here. This is too sweet and yet too sad at the same time   (1-17 06:40)
  • Morgana: Aww, don't be upset. Maybe I'll play Eden Eternal with you? (1-17 08:02)
  • PrincessKawaii: Ooooh that'd be great - Rose and Harambe ( Harmony Magicheart ) play it with me too!   (1-17 11:06)
  • PrincessKawaii: And I wasn't upset I was just kinda sad bc we get along so well and stuff but hey as long as you come back occasionally its all good   (1-17 11:07)
  • Morgana: I'm not sure at this time if I'll be coming back at all. Right now, it seems highly unlikely. (1-17 11:13)
  • PrincessKawaii: I didn't mean like back here on FairyABC ( although it would be great if that happened too) I meant like in general. (1-17 14:16)
  • catcatherine: WHAT FAYE? NOOOOOOO DON'T GO <3 ); YOU CAN'T LEAVE.. (1-16 17:36)
  • Morgana: I'm sorry. I'll miss you a lot, but you can still talk to me on Kik.. (1-16 21:30)
  • catcatherine: I will... I'll miss you a lot too ); (1-16 22:40)
  • twilight: aw, bye faye! we all miss you! ♥ (1-16 19:58)
  • Morgana: I'll miss you too! And you're fab outfits :) (1-16 21:31)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: <3 (1-16 20:39)
  • Morgana: I don't even know what to say to you. You've always been so important to me... (1-16 21:32)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: I am not exactly quite sure what to say to you either. I don't think I have ever been in such a state of speechlessness. No words can describe how much I value your presence. (1-16 21:34)
  • Morgana: Leaving FABC is like going through withdrawals. Y'all are making it so hard to leave. (1-16 21:36)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: I'll be joining you in the departure boat shortly. (1-16 21:39)
  • catcatherine: What.. Vi ); ^ (1-16 22:40)
  • Morgana: Vi, the community truly needs you if it is going to thrive. (1-16 23:23)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Things will be fine. The community needs you more than anyone, really. You're an all around likable pixie, and for good reason! (1-16 23:29)
  • Morgana: As are you! But you've done so much more than just be nice to everyone. (1-16 23:32)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: As have you, your knightliness. (1-16 23:36)
  • Daisygarden: Faye! No! :'( I will miss you SO much! You are one of the closest friends I have on here!!!! PLEASE comment on here or my blog... I want to hear from you, Faye. :( (1-16 21:03)
  • Daisygarden: May I please have your contacts? D: I love you so much. Please PM them... (1-16 21:04)
  • Morgana: Of course. (1-16 21:32)
2017-1-15 23:39 Reply|
I don't have the time to be patient  
2017-1-10 12:23 Reply|
This is madness.
2017-1-10 09:08 Reply|
To write or not to write this essay? To fail or pass this class? To procrastinate or, dang it, ya get the picture XD
  • catcatherine: I RELATE SO MUCHHHH (1-10 12:27)
  • Morgana: I wish you didn't. So I could sleep with the peace of mind that class does not torture the sweet Cat XD (1-12 21:10)
  • catcatherine: Aw <3 Class does torture the Sweet Cat xP (1-12 23:24)
  • Morgana: What a pity. I'll have to destroy those individuals in charge of your classes. Just point me to them XD (1-13 00:06)
  • catcatherine: All of themmmmmm xP (1-14 00:01)
  • Morgana: I guess I'll be making a list... and checking it twice. (1-14 00:48)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: You're a Fayespearean. (1-12 20:49)
  • Morgana: Faye the Philosopher. (1-12 21:10)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Precisely! (1-12 21:43)
  • Morgana: Violet the Savage. (1-12 21:45)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: What kind of savage? (1-12 21:53)
  • Morgana: The good kind. (1-12 21:55)
2017-1-10 09:07 Reply|
Bringing out that new Loki gif like BOI  
2017-1-8 17:58 Reply|
*beat drops*  
2017-1-8 16:07 Reply|
I like to have fun fun fun fun fun fun FUN FUNNNN  
  • Nora: Oh no, what have I done? (1-10 21:16)
  • Morgana: Infected my soul. (1-10 21:39)
  • Nora: NUUUUUUUUUU (1-10 22:05)
2017-1-8 16:07 Reply|
I like to sing. Dance. PRETEND  
2017-1-8 16:07 Reply|
I blame River.  
2017-1-8 16:03 Reply|
What have y'all done to me?  
2017-1-8 16:02 Reply|
Kazoo Kid - Trap Remix  
2017-1-8 16:02 Reply|
Too much. It's too much. It's a... sweets overload  
2017-1-6 19:18 Reply|
So, I may or may not have a newfound addiction to dipping my cinnamon flavored graham teddy bears in vanilla frosting.  
2017-1-3 22:01 Reply|
Am I just grumpy because of lack of sleep?
2017-1-2 14:39 Reply|

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