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Share A Little Bit More on Me - Food Edition
2017-7-29 09:00
I don't think I introduced myself enough xd. So here are some things about me- Me 8/30/17 - The blog won't let you ;-; Oh OK ;-; Then just the Food Edition for now, enjoy! Favorite Foods Cannolis Apple pie Cinnamon buns Spring rolls Teriyaki chicken Orange sauce chicken Dr. Pep ...
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Share IDK What I Want to Do, So Let's Talk About Anything
2017-7-23 23:33
Seriously, if you want to ask me anything, just DO IT! I'm freely opening a QnA because Peruvian vacation is BORINGGGGGG someone bring the party yacht ;-;.
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Share To Those Who Applied to the Aria Dare Hotline....
2017-4-15 22:51
Will be making a video for YT where I will record myself doing the dares and posting it. I'll link video once I have it done. And don't worry, it'll be fine :D. ~Aria
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Share Thematic Week List
2017-4-9 18:59
This will be the Thematic Week list, and it will be updated every week. Not sure what Thematic Weeks are? Check this out: *Copy and paste link into your browser and click "search" or press enter* Thematic Weeks So ...
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Share Starter Post
2017-4-9 15:13
Hi everyone! Here, I guess I'm HappyDerp XD. But on the rewrite, I'm Aria Snowbelle . Feel free to say hi! I plan to make outfits, fashion days, plays, events, etc., basically I want to bring fun! On this blog, I'll post my fashion ideas called Fashion Days and also include a weekly ...
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