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faq!! to save y'all some time,,

Hot 6Viewed 879 times2017-4-9 18:42

i saw that sometimes people on the forum and in-game ask me the same stuff so i figured i'd write this up to make it easier for everyone,,

if you have a question that you didnt see here then feel free to drop me a line!!

 q; who is rill?

a; she's an oc of mine.. she's also my in-game fairy! check out my threads if you wanna see arts n stuff of her!


 q; do you roleplay?

a; not really awawa,, if you see me in-game as rill that's just regular me.


 q; can you draw me?

a; i'm so sorry,,,, i'm very busy so i can't... bUT!!! i do take art trades sometimes! you might be able to hear about my contests/raffles/trades if you check the art thread!


 q; why are you on fairyabc if you're so busy?

a; fairyabc is like a stress reliever for me,, it's so nice to be able to talk to everyone and just make art of whatever i want, which is angsty fairies lmao


 q; where do you get all your forum post images?

a; there's a nifty website called! it gives you the codes and everything so all you need to do is copy & paste the bbcode you want!
click the milk box below, it's a link to the site!

 q; why do you like milk so much?

a; mm,,m,milk is,, c,cu t,e,,,,


i think that's everything for now,, i'll add other things when people ask me more questions! ^^

i don't care





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Reply pearlcuteshine 2017-4-9 22:41
the milk is very cute <3
Reply Morgana 2017-4-15 00:38
Got milk :) *wink*
I'll see myself out XD
Reply Lavender-Marie 2017-5-10 21:34
a e s t h e t i c
Reply HappyDerp 2017-5-16 22:17
Who is Pierre? Another OC?

facelist doodle Doodle

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