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you might not realize it now but pls don't take things for granted <3
  • Cookies: absolutely. People take a lot of things for granted, but when it's gone, realization hits hard (6-26 00:50)
  • Dresses24: yesss well said omg :”) (6-26 10:28)
  • Cookies: what happened though oml are you ok (6-26 14:25)
  • Dresses24: my dad recently is having trouble with his health conditions n I’m really worried (6-30 16:14)
  • Cookies: oh geez I hope he's going to be ok, that's terrible. both of you guys good luck (7-2 16:19)
  • PixieDelRey: preach (6-30 02:34)
2018-6-24 17:17 Reply|
guess whos back
2018-5-5 15:41 Reply|
Im back (sort of haha) comment if u are alive lol
2018-1-14 22:57 Reply|
woot woot new aesthetics timeee <333
2017-6-21 18:19 Reply|
2017-6-13 21:53 Reply|
Guyssss I changed my profile pictureee... now let's wait to see how long it takes for it to actually appear on the forum lol
2017-5-29 22:00 Reply|
2017-5-21 21:13 Reply|
Takes 3 hours to find 6 perfect images to update your page :)
2017-5-12 21:00 Reply|
When you're the only one on pixie hollow and you are flying everywhere like a crazy fairy lol
2017-3-19 23:51 Reply|

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