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Page is under construction. Sorry if you come across it and it looks like trash XD
2018-3-22 19:39 Reply|
When you hear that Toys R Us is closing and it makes you sad because it had the most toys in your area  
2018-3-16 16:15 Reply|
I had a dream that would creep out anyone.  
2018-2-15 18:39 Reply|
Happy Valentine's Day   Love holiday.... HELP
2018-2-14 18:07 Reply|
I'm thinking about changing my space to match my fairy again. Idk, I still like Star Wars, but I wanna change it for some reason XD
  • JeonJakook: i ALWAYS want to change my page XD i'd change it weekly probably if i wasn't so busy doing other things ;P (2-17 00:28)
2018-2-12 21:39 Reply|
I'm all of a sudden obsessed with Vocaloid O.o
2018-2-5 23:22 Reply|
When you're expecting a package you're excited to get, but your mailman is late ...
  • beanytomo: i feel this always XD (2-1 21:05)
  • Fungirl99000: Also, when you think you know the day of an arriving package, but it doesn't come -_- = Me today XD! (2-1 21:10)
  • beanytomo: hopefully itll show tomorrow! (2-1 21:32)
  • LabsNotDabs‚ú®: Or when you check the tracking everyday and there's no update ._. (2-1 22:24)
2018-2-1 19:49 Reply|
I nearly died during my orthodontist appointment today :(
  • Cookies: Aw man, what happened? I hate going to the ortho too ;-; (1-23 01:47)
  • Fungirl99000: They tried putting wire through a hole in a metal thing on my back tooth but it wasn't fitting because it was the wrong wire. I cried, no joke :'( (1-23 18:37)
  • Cookies: Oh man, I know how that feels when the wire would be stubborn and not want to go in, but I can't even imagine the WRONG wire going in, wow. It must've been terrible. I hope you're feeling better now. (1-23 19:26)
  • Fungirl99000: I definitely wouldn't want to relive that Xd The pain from THAT is gone but my teeth are sore from them doing all the work they did   (1-23 19:32)
  • Cookies: I hate it when it's sore. EAT SOMETHING COLD XD (1-24 20:10)
2018-1-22 20:29 Reply|
Another activity... All I know is that I have an orthodontist appointment monday that's gonna be LOOOONG. Help me pls  
  • MidnightEscape: WAHHHH    I hate going to orthodontist appointments :C I have one on the 24th   (1-21 16:35)
2018-1-20 22:02 Reply|
I feel in the mood to play Club Penguin's music maker but I can't because it's gone    even in CP rewritten it's not there heh heh
2018-1-20 16:23 Reply|
I wonder if my mod term is gonna renew or not... Maybe I was a poor choice XDXD
2018-1-20 00:18 Reply|
Yay, I just got my 500 hour badge! Those hours were worth it, spending moi time on this amazing site  
2018-1-16 15:33 Reply|
Noooooo in 4 minutes our power will be shut down for 2 hours AHHHHH NO WIFI IT DA END OF DA WORLD!!! (Just kidding, but I hate when our power goes off)
2018-1-5 12:57 Reply|
School tomorrow. RIP me  
2018-1-2 00:08 Reply|
Happy new year everyone!!!! 2018! Yyyyaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!! X3
  • Villiana: Happy New Year! <3 (1-3 00:48)
2018-1-1 17:57 Reply|
I wish Christmas hadn't ended  
2017-12-28 16:53 Reply|
I love my gifts soooooooo much! Merry Christmas and happy birthday, Jesus! (I know I said merry Christmas yesterday but XD why not say it again?)
  • Villiana: Aww! I'm glad you liked your gifts! Happy Holidays to you as well, I hope your holiday went well. <3 (12-26 15:13)
  • MidnightEscape: (12-27 19:06)
2017-12-25 19:08 Reply|
  • beanytomo: Merry Christmas amiga! (12-25 12:22)
2017-12-24 19:23 Reply|
Christmas Eve is tomorrow omw and it's late that means its gonna be bedtime then it WILL be Christmas Eve WHOO!
2017-12-23 23:55 Reply|
Saw The Last Jedi yesterday. It was AMAZING I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!!  
2017-12-19 17:26 Reply|

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