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I had to remove the songs I enjoyed listening to from my page cuz they expired and Instaudio is shut down so I can't replace them rip ;u;
  • Jasper: Try Kiwi6 it works great for me (8-11 20:38)
  • Fungirl99000: I'll check it out ty :) (8-11 20:39)
2019-8-9 16:23 Reply|
I still hate that music box links expire
2019-7-18 20:39 Reply|
I somehow managed to get my mom to let me buy a bts album XD
2019-3-17 19:25 Reply|
Lol I'm bored
2019-2-23 20:56 Reply|
O no it's love holiday today *insert distressed gasp of terror*
2019-2-14 15:45 Reply|
I'm not dead guys XD I've just been hiding in my PMs  
2019-1-12 16:11 Reply|
Merry Christmas!!! :D
2018-12-25 17:58 Reply|
Christmas is so close YAS I should make my page Christmas-y for the season 8>
2018-12-2 18:21 Reply|
When you've been so inactive on the forum and have just been PMing your best friends on here.... X'D
2018-10-23 21:49 Reply|
Omw the last art request I did was in November... I NEED TO FINISH MORE LIKE WOW XDDD
2018-9-25 17:28 Reply|
Just wanted to let y'all know that I spoke with Pandora and I have retired from being a mod. I feel like I was doing a poor job  
  • Jasper: Thank you for all your help with usernames. I always noticed. <3 (7-31 21:58)
2018-7-30 14:11 Reply|
If any of you ever find the song "Test" in my music box, don't bother with it. I'm testing out mp3 links with it (trying to find one for a certain song THATLL WORK). So yeah XD don't mind it
2018-7-21 19:40 Reply|
Omw I went through my default album deleting stuff then deleted my page background    When I get on my computer I gotta fix it.
2018-7-10 14:35 Reply|
I'm always super bored when my friends aren't on because I have nobody to talk to :')
2018-7-8 12:36 Reply|
There! Page done for now. I may add some pics in the future, just need to think of what. I don't want EVERYTHING about my page to be just my fairy XDD
  • Jasper: Your page is AWESOME!! (6-25 02:15)
  • Fungirl99000: Thank you! So glad you like it ^.^ (6-25 13:52)
  • PixieDelRey: the color is everything tbh <33 (6-30 02:24)
2018-6-25 00:19 Reply|
I keep neglecting my page. I should really finish it xD
2018-6-21 00:40 Reply|
I'm tempted to change my page... AGAIN. Maybe I should just make it a mixture of what I'm obsessed with at the moment :')
  • MidnightEscape: XD what all are you obsessed with? (4-8 18:21)
  • Fungirl99000: Star Wars and Vocaloid. Also slightly Paw Patrol XD (4-9 17:18)
  • Fungirl99000: But tbh I kinda miss my SW page already XD maybe I'll switch it back to that (4-9 17:19)
  • MidnightEscape: Lol (4-9 17:37)
  • JeonJakook: XD i change my page often cause im never into the same thing for long XD (4-13 08:41)
  • GoldenFlower: I loved the SW page yet I hate SW. Our teacher is making us take a test over Stars Wars 4 -_- (5-6 01:20)
  • Fungirl99000: D: a test over SW? I wonder why, since not all ppl like it, lol. (5-6 16:26)
  • GoldenFlower: My teacher LOVES Star Wars, and it was Star Wars day. (5-6 20:32)
  • Fungirl99000: Ohhhh Xd (5-6 21:02)
  • GoldenFlower: XD (5-6 22:09)
2018-4-7 21:03 Reply|
I'm obsessed with Star Stable now   If any of you play it, mail me on the game! I'm Hannah Wolfmother  
  • MidnightEscape: What'd I tell ya? You didn't even wanna play it at first, when I told you about it. Now you're obsessed ;) (3-29 23:05)
  • JeonJakook: X33 (4-2 14:33)
2018-3-29 21:18 Reply|
I just realized that it's been a month and 3 days since my FABC Arrival Day. Happy belated Arrival Day me? XD!!
  • Jasper: Rip :P happy belated arrival day! (3-26 16:24)
2018-3-26 14:14 Reply|
NO my page refreshed as I was updating my profile hobbies :(
  • Jasper: Nooooooo   (3-22 22:05)
2018-3-22 20:19 Reply|

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