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My goal is to reach Minister by my Birthday this month. 305 more points to go! ❤️
2019-3-3 22:30 Reply|
Trying to unlock Rosalina in Mario Kart. Final cup, last race only to get second place! Grrrrrrrrrrrr x.x
  • Jasper: I had to up my skills like CRAZY in Mario Kart to unlock Dry Bowser. Wasn't allowed to hit any walls etc. (2-19 18:40)
  • MoonChildPotter: Ahhh! You unlocked him right? ;) (2-24 20:50)
2019-2-18 23:28 Reply|
My favorite user page design I've done so far! Building music back, lost it a while ago....
2019-1-17 22:29 Reply|
Escaping to Abydos!
2018-10-23 21:36 Reply|
Hating writer's block!  
2018-4-7 22:58 Reply|
Reached Talent Master!  
2018-3-19 18:21 Reply|

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