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I'm trying to become more active on this site again but idk
2018-2-22 14:12 Reply|
Close to 500 visitors!  
2018-1-18 20:40 Reply|
420 visitors :P
2017-8-25 12:02 Reply|
oOOO I just got a very fluffy piggy bank at Walmart!!!!
2017-8-2 20:51 Reply|
Day 6 More book work and videos Day 7 Got paid $10  
2017-7-30 11:59 Reply|
Day 5 Mom watched video about how to read
2017-7-27 18:41 Reply|
Finally after all this time,they are actually trying to fix this game.
2017-7-27 09:43 Reply|
Day 4 I just bought some word books for my mom at Dollar Tree.
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Gotta love Dollar tree. (7-27 14:59)
  • Rulgoma♥: Yep cheap stuff (7-27 15:09)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: I love saving money. Sorry, that was so random. (7-27 15:09)
  • Rulgoma♥: Who doesn't lol (unless you are rich) (7-27 15:10)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: That's very true! (7-27 15:10)
  • Rulgoma♥: With I was rich :( (7-27 15:12)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: You'll get there one day. Remember: "Started from the bottom and still going up". ;) (7-27 15:14)
  • Rulgoma♥: Well I am going to make $20 so maybe ya (7-27 15:15)
2017-7-27 09:42 Reply|
Day 3 and reviewed phonics with my mom.She watches her favorite video on phonics and just followed along with the letters she wrote.
2017-7-25 18:56 Reply|
Just ate some McDonald's!
2017-7-25 16:00 Reply|
Could not teach my mom today because she going to grocery store with my dad...
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Awh. :c I am liking these updates, though! (7-24 18:58)
  • Rulgoma♥: Ya it sad.But I do get to teach her tomorrow.It's just that I thought she would go to the grocery store early but that's ok.Thank you for following the updates on my lessons with my mom! (7-24 19:05)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: No problem! I do enjoy reading them. ^.^ (7-24 19:06)
  • Rulgoma♥: Maybe I'll get some of the children learning books for my mom. (7-24 19:07)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Good idea. They go pretty slow and cover the basics. (7-24 19:44)
2017-7-24 16:36 Reply|
First day done with my mom Wrote letters then watch some letter and number videos with her while eating ice cream together.
2017-7-23 18:03 Reply|
My mom and I agreed to I will $5 a week to teach her English.    
  • LabsNotDabs✨: Rake in that dough. ;o (7-23 11:30)
  • Rulgoma♥: Lol yep I will be making $20 a month,240 a year (7-23 18:03)
2017-7-22 18:25 Reply|
Just went to the beach and is now in sand
2017-7-19 17:32 Reply|
  • catcatherine: I READ THE FIRST PART AND GOT A LIL CONCERNED (7-18 11:14)
  • Rulgoma♥: Nah the game doesn't have a connection to drugs so it fine (7-18 11:39)
  • catcatherine: I gotchu xP (7-18 11:52)
  • Rulgoma♥: It is game based on a dream journal for 10 years (7-18 14:15)
2017-7-17 14:46 Reply|
Got another thing prob going to make thread
2017-7-14 16:58 Reply|
Just got my other three beanie babies.I couldn't get it yesterday because it was raining lots.  
2017-7-14 12:48 Reply|
Just got maple the beanie baby in the mail he is so cute. #DYINGFROMCUTENESS    
2017-7-12 19:00 Reply|
But I went to the Brockton fair and it was lit lol. I won a hello kitty plushie.  
2017-6-30 07:20 Reply|
Omg you guys I have been so afk.
2017-6-30 07:19 Reply|

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