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Honestly, I like Agatha Christie's novels because I like crime stories, and Jane Auston for her books mostly about women's rights. Oh, and also, I brought four new rings from Accessorize  
2017-11-21 08:32 Reply|
I brought two new novels last Saturday and they're called: "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert (eat pray love's author) and "The Home Of New Beginnings" by Lucy Diamond. Tell me if you know any of these! ...
2017-11-21 08:29 Reply|
Just finished crafting a Mini notebook for my BFF! Her b-day is close so I figured to make her a DIY of mine! Happy b-day Dalila! <333333
  • halofairy: THANKS BAE love ya (10-1 15:49)
  • Meeso: Yw love ya loads! <333 (10-14 02:37)
2017-6-28 13:13 Reply|
I finally received the items I need to start crafting! YAY!! So, I'm soon going to craft a mini notebook and might post a thread about it! Be sure to check it out! PS any ideas for shapes on notes?
2017-6-18 04:46 Reply|
I finally started crafting! Any requests of clay charms I might make for you/idea would be great! thank you so much for all your support! <333  
  • catcatherine: OMGG I LOVE THOSE THINGIES (6-14 20:21)
  • catcatherine: You have such a kawaii aesthetic ^-^ MAKE LIKE A CUPCAKE OR SOMETHING CUTE related to food! or something IDK just look up kawaii things xP (6-14 20:22)
  • Meeso: Thank you so much catherine for your advice! I'll be sure to take it into consideration! <333 Thank you so much again for helping! <33 (6-14 21:46)
  • catcatherine: Your welcome lovey! <3 You can just call me Cat ^-^ I in love with little kawaii things and how they put cute lil faces on objects. It makes them so much cuter! (6-15 07:57)
  • Meeso: Ikr! Im glad to have someone who understands me too <333 And oh, alright then xDD thank you so much again! <3 (6-15 09:58)
  • catcatherine: Aw <3 Your welcome! You seem like such a sweetheart and I'd love to be friends ^-^ (6-15 13:33)
  • Meeso: Thank you so much! <3 I'd love to be friends too (: (6-15 15:18)
  • catcatherine: Yayzies! (6-16 08:12)
  • Meeso: xDD (6-16 08:16)
2017-6-14 05:51 Reply|
I'm soon going to craft miniature items!  
2017-6-5 07:56 Reply|
i like musiicccc  
2017-2-4 03:51 Reply|

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