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Viewed 402 times2017-6-13 12:59 | choice, Album

Hello everybody! I am back with a new blog today! Hope y'all are doing great! Ok, so today I was scrolling through some people's albums and I was creating some more of the anime characters on the website (refer to latest blog to see what do i mean) and I knew I only had like 39 MB space for my album, so I thought "If I'm going to take like 5 photos of each 10 miniature items I do, and take pics of my anime characters too, then won't I have like literally NO SPACE for all of them to fit?" So now, my gorgeous and lovely blog readers, I want to ask your opinion in this:
Should I keep my albums that I have and keep posting photos until my album space is full up? Or should I only keep two albums : Miniature items and Anime characters?
Please comment down below which do you think I should have (:

Also, to make things shorter on you guys, Choose A for the first choice or B for the second choice (if you wanted to help me out that is xDD)

Ok, so I hope I'll see you guys later in my next blog! <3

Also, check out the album "Random Photos" if you want to see the "couple" pics of two anime characters I made:
Miyu and Andre 

I hope you guys are having an amazing day/night so far and I'll see you soon! bye~! <333


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