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Share | Update 8/26/2018
2018-8-27 00:52
| I know I said this like 1765123 times but I just want to put new blog material so bear with me. | I think some may have noticed of this logo going about on my recent themes. | This actually belongs to the original Karma Fields, a music artist whose persona is that of an AI ga ...
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Share | New Space Update - 1/29/2018
2018-1-29 02:50
| | Hey everyone, Karma here. | As what most people can see here, I have updated my space as a lil' celebration for my 1-year stay in FairyABC! c; | Alot of things happened, including knowing alot of great friends here and there. Hopefully, this year will come off with a be ...
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Share | Gown Design Preview!
2017-12-22 02:54
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Share | New [Clothes] Design incoming~
2017-11-16 12:26
| Here's a peek of it LMAO this is harder than the first one wew :' )
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Share | New Design!
2017-11-10 06:16
| Update: It's finally done!! Hope you guys like my new page design ye ye... Had to make the text more yellow so it will be readable on the white box.
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Share | Happy Arrival Day!!
2017-9-25 13:08
| She's pretty old now... o3o Fly high on this special day, gurl! 3
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Share | 8 Days...
2017-9-18 09:19
| ...I wonder what she's waiting for.
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Share It's someone's Special Day....
2017-9-5 17:47
... And I surely miss her.
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Share | Hello World.
2017-7-27 02:59
| This is my vision | I can see you are curious | Hope you guys like the new update! ;)
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2017-7-9 01:45
Along with my next batch of 3D Edits for the month of July, I will be updating the space design too! I already got myself a concept and now I'll design on how the elements will work together. ^^"
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