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I'm back home for winter break and I put out a new video!!!! Go check it out if you'd like:):)
2019-12-16 02:34 Reply|
Anyways, I got a new laptop so my editor finally works on it, I want to post another YouTube video when I get the time because I miss editing!
2019-8-28 22:39 Reply|
Hey guys it's been forever since I've been on here but I finally got Fairyabc to work! Anyways, I've been in college for the past two weeks and it's super fun! Went on here to relive some mems lol.
2019-8-28 22:37 Reply|
Finally updated my header!
2018-8-5 21:13 Reply|
Okay I'm back on and omg shoutout to everyone at fairyabc bc the game literally looks so much better and smoother, its looking a lot more like OG ph every day
2018-7-19 02:26 Reply|
merry christmas!!! my life's been hectic and i turned 17 last week which is crazy to think about, but i miss u all and its nice to have a chance to come back on!!
2017-12-26 11:04 Reply|
havent been on this site due to a ton of summer adventures but im going to the beach for the third time this summer w my best friend tomorrow, and im hyped!!
2017-7-14 19:10 Reply|
also its been like 3 months since ive been on this site wassup
2017-6-7 19:59 Reply|
the OG sav arrived april 18th, 2009 and i just came to the conclusion shes 8 yrs old this year
2017-6-7 19:59 Reply|
made a new fairyabc video!! check it out :-)
2017-4-15 20:42 Reply|

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