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I'm thinking about writing a whole new story. It wouldn't be the one I mentioned a while ago, that one is on Wattpad, I know it can't go here.
2017-4-1 13:51 Reply|
I fell asleep in my second class, and then shot up and was like, It's sixth hour already? I am sooooo dumb
2017-3-9 00:35 Reply|
2017-3-1 05:49 Reply|
I feel like no one has been talking to me in a few days. I'm still here guys!
2017-2-23 12:40 Reply|
You don't get on one day and the entire site is different when you get back.
2017-2-19 22:42 Reply|
I'm going to lose my streak of getting on every single day tomorrow!  
2017-2-17 17:04 Reply|
There are some unusual relationship choices though, like adopted sister or rival, or storeclerck.
2017-2-14 13:01 Reply|
I'm Morgana's manservant now. I'll serve like a MAN.
2017-2-14 13:01 Reply|
UGH. We just had a fire drill and that stupidly loud fire alarm scared me so bad. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO LOUD
  • catcatherine: I RELATEEEE (2-13 12:57)
  • Babydaisylover: When they first changed it in fifth grade (I'm in ninth now) it scared me so bad I cried. IT'S TOO DUMB. THERE IS NO REASON FOR THIS LOUDNESS. (2-13 13:00)
  • catcatherine: Haha true XP At least it's over now (2-13 13:00)
  • Babydaisylover: Until the next one... (2-13 13:01)
2017-2-13 12:45 Reply|
MVS is most visted site. Couldn't fit in on that post.
2017-2-8 03:23 Reply|
I've just been thinking about how so many of my friends have been quitting lately, and I'm just shocked they were able to! I've gotten into a habit of getting on here to the point where FABC's my MVS.
2017-2-8 03:23 Reply|
I almost lost my streak of getting on every day! I've kept it since I started getting used to the forum. TODAY WILL NOT BE THE DAY I LOSE IT. That is when I go on vaca in March.
2017-2-5 22:57 Reply|
I've kinda given up on getting my music to work. I guess it never will. UGH! It was a good song too!
2017-2-4 01:22 Reply|
I kind of want to make art on here, but it would be just awful. I also don't know how I'd upload it to the forum.
2017-1-31 13:00 Reply|
I'm feeling unspecial today for some reason. The joys of bipolar.
2017-1-30 12:36 Reply|
Why won't music work? This is actually really aggravating. Ugh. I just want this song on here! Is that too much to ask?
2017-1-28 18:42 Reply|
I can't get music to work. I got an MP3 file of a song I want on my page, but I can't find the link for it. Anyone want to help?
  • catcatherine: It'll be easier to just look up the song on the website that is in the tutorial. Here's the thread that explains: (1-27 11:27)
  • Babydaisylover: I got the link, but now it isn't playing. What did I do wrong? (1-27 12:39)
  • Babydaisylover: Now that I think about it, it's not playing on other pages as well. It may be the Chinese Background glitch. On some accounts the background affects the forum functionality, mine happens to be one (1-27 12:43)
  • catcatherine: Hm.. my music works but idk (1-27 13:41)
2017-1-26 23:26 Reply|
Hey I may be a little bit less active these next few days. My dog who has literally been there my entire life, has been given three days tops to live. I need some time to grieve. I'll check in though
  • catcatherine: Aw, I'm so sorry <3 Give yourself some time to heal because we will all be here waiting for you and missing you <3 (1-24 09:28)
  • Babydaisylover: I mean, I'll probably still be checking in at least once daily like I normally do. (1-24 12:37)
  • catcatherine: Okay lovey <3 (1-24 18:45)
  • Sabrinaandove‚̧: Aww Ok Good Luck ): I'm sorry About your dog may he/she rip ((: ❤ (1-25 15:10)
2017-1-24 03:28 Reply|
Uhhh this took forever to get it how it is now. I might change it again though, IDK
2017-1-19 12:51 Reply|
Keep Calm and Love Baby Daisy
2016-11-22 12:58 Reply|

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