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Thanks for a great prom night everyone! And thanks for voting me prom queen, it means a lot!! <3 xoxo
  • Jasper: You deserve all the votes bb (6-24 14:23)
  • beanytomo: u too bb king (6-24 17:28)
2019-6-24 00:09 Reply|
me: "im gonna study and take my final today!!" literally did not
2019-6-22 22:23 Reply|
homework<being a vegetable
2019-6-22 14:06 Reply|
I lived.
  • Villiana: Keep on living.<3 (6-11 23:33)
2019-6-6 20:23 Reply|
too bad i never go on here lol
2018-8-21 23:05 Reply|
1100 vistors aye
2018-8-21 23:04 Reply|
And I finally figured out how to post activities again
2018-6-18 01:46 Reply|
I finally updated my page
2018-6-18 01:46 Reply|
I'll fix my page... One day
  • Cookies: ''Just One Day'' ;) (2-11 18:22)
  • beanytomo: haaaa if only i could do just one day (2-11 19:54)
  • Cookies: Me with my homework (2-11 20:35)
  • beanytomo: me with any work (2-12 22:20)
  • Cookies: xD (2-12 22:28)
2018-2-11 15:01 Reply|
777 visitors yoooo!
  • Tsuchiii: Woah** >~< you are soo popular;-; congrats on all the visitors! haha   ~ Tsu' (2-8 22:41)
  • beanytomo: Aw not really lol but thank you so much! <3 (2-11 14:57)
  • Tsuchiii: I'm back from my hiatus' (though you prob never noticed I was gone) lol And ofc silly! Anytime ^^ Hah' ~ Tsu' (2-19 07:08)
2018-1-19 18:26 Reply|
I made my prof pic Sora and Roxas because they were so cute! (it doesnt match the bangtan but who cares) (there's also a tiny sora on the very bottom of my page)
2018-1-14 13:37 Reply|
Also I just figured out you can size images IN the actual box wow talk about a lifesaver I was actually editting
  • Cookies: Yeah xD It helps a ton (1-14 04:11)
  • beanytomo: Everything is different now. It's so much better (1-14 12:40)
2018-1-14 00:32 Reply|
Page is updates. It took way too long to do. But I love it! It's "bangtan boyfriend" I hope you find it aesthetically pleasing, they're supposed to be "boyfriend" pics ;)
  • Cookies: I'm lovin' it (1-14 04:11)
  • beanytomo: ah thank ya I'm loving it too (1-14 12:40)
2018-1-14 00:31 Reply|
2018-1-13 20:10 Reply|
I'm still overthinking on how I want to do my page...hhhnnnngg ITS NOT THAT HARD BUT HERE I AM
2018-1-13 15:02 Reply|
Ok so I found a bunch of pretty BTS pics and I wanna make my page "bangtan boyfriend" BUT LIKE I got my final fantasy boyfriends
2018-1-13 14:12 Reply|
I kinda wanna change my page and be all nice and pretty buuuut I also really like this soooo idkkk
2018-1-13 12:15 Reply|
Happy 700 visitors to me!
2018-1-4 23:02 Reply|
(its staying like this)
2018-1-3 01:11 Reply|
Ok so I said I was gonna change my page to be BTS member theme for a month buuuuut yea I'm still on my Final Fantasy high soooo
2018-1-3 01:10 Reply|

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