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CRINGE! My Miiverse posts from the 3rd Grade

Viewed 331 times2017-7-26 01:07

I have been a member of Miiverse since November 8, 2013. I have had 3 accounts since then. This was my first account I had in the third grade:

I was quite cringy back then. I wasn't cringy in the 4th and 5th grade though, because my Miiverse account from then had over 100 followers. Now I am on my third account but since Miiverse has gone downhill I have 7 followers at the moment.

Here are some cringy posts:

and, the number one world's cringiest Miiverse post is...
It was yeahed by one of Giga Gamby's friends, probably because she sent it to him to use in a miiverse cringe video. Hahaha!
But seriously, that would be lit.

i don't care





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