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Angels' Fashion Show
2018-9-2 13:03
Hi everyone! The Angels' Fashion show is coming up on the 29th! I moved the date because I had conflicts yesterday. I may move the date again if this doesn't work for people! The link to the event description is below! Feel f ...
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Meetup at Misty Ledge!
2018-7-29 16:21
Hey everyone! I'm really bored! If you are too, come hang out in the server Misty Ledge. I'm hanging out in Springtime Orchard. Fun fact: Springtime Orchard was where Beck's Animal Nursery was. So yeah, come and hang out. Love, Harmony
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Profile Pictures
2018-7-29 15:06
Hi everyone! Does anyone want me to make a profile picture of themselves? I have a sample right below. Well, that's all! Love, Harmony
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Being Welcoming
2018-7-29 14:28
I love friends so much. True friends make you feel welcome and are always there for you. If you ever need someone to talk to or a friendly face to talk to, PM (private message) me and I will be sure to reply and help you! Also, if you want more friends on FABC, feel free to add me! I accept all frie ...
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Yule Ball?
2018-7-28 13:22
Hi everyone! I posted a thread about possibly starting a Yule Ball? I'd make the invitations and it could be held possibly at the theatre or if anyone has a home that would be similar to the grand hall, we could have it there. Anyone interested? If so, comment below on this blog or my new thread!
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First Blog
2018-7-27 14:15
Hi everyone! My username is Starreyes but my fairy name is Harmony Starwing. This is my first blog so I'm not sure what to say. Well, I'll say a bit about myself. I'm new to Fairyabc but I played Pixie Hollow back then. I'm not positive, but I believe I've played since 2009. I was a huge fairy nerd. ...
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