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Yule Ball?

Hot 2Viewed 350 times2018-7-28 13:22 |Personal category:Events| Yule, Ball

Hi everyone! I posted a thread about possibly starting a Yule Ball? I'd make the invitations and it could be held possibly at the theatre or if anyone has a home that would be similar to the grand hall, we could have it there. Anyone interested? If so, comment below on this blog or my new thread!

i don't care





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Reply ranibell 2018-7-28 19:23
I totally love this idea! Maybe you could even hold it in the Ballroom--it's decorated for Christmas which fits with the Yule Ball, right?
Reply Starreyes 2018-7-28 19:37
Yeah! That would work since the Yule Ball was held during the winter!
Reply ranibell 2018-7-28 22:27
I would love to be invited if/when this happens!  
Reply Starreyes 2018-7-28 22:32
You would definitely be invited!
Reply ranibell 2018-7-29 10:41
Thank you!
Reply HappyDerp 2018-8-31 06:45
What a night! The Yule Ball was magnificent Harmony!

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