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  • So unbothered by what people think of me Reply
  • All my love goes to one person Reply
  • It's nice to feel satisfied with life Reply
  • Happy to be in a more stable place at the moment. Letting go of toxic emotions and people have really helped me feel better. Reply
  • but I know I lost them a long time ago Reply
  • I miss a lot of things Reply
  • Invisible Reply
  • Practically dead Reply
  • It's been a while Reply
  • Practically dead Reply
  • I don't weally go on here much Reply
  • Sometimes I just have those days when I miss all the people who used to be in my life. Reply
  • I forgot how nice it was to blare rock Reply
  • I've been listening to so much k-pop that I forgot how English songs sound like Reply
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Hi, I'm Catherine, but most people call me Cat, but if I'm going by my fairy name then I'm Snowflake or Snow for short. I love fairies and Disney and I always have ever since I was little. Even though I've gotten older, I'm still just a wittle girl who's very innocent and likes acting like a three year old. You might catch me saying words weird since I type with w's and z's, it's weird, I know.

I'm obsessed with BTS and I love Kookie with all my heart and soul. He's the cutest little babe on the planet and my heart can't with him.

I love everything Disney because it's my entire life.

Thanks for visiting my page ^-^

♡ Babes ♡

♡ My whole heart ♡
╳ Just Visiting ╳
Updated Page Design ^-^ 2018-01-18
Updated my page to comply with the "no pictures of real people" rule I kinda miss my old gifs, but I tried to add cute ones 
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New page design ^-^ 2017-08-13
I changed my page a little so y'all should check it out (;  Also, give the songs on my page a listen and lemme know which one is your favorite ^- ...
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