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Log 3: 05/28/2018 (Dead or not, I'm working on stuff)

Viewed 138 times2018-5-28 11:13 |Personal category:The Log| Plans, Preview, Plan B, Update, Update

" Okay... so I may have been slacking off... or not. Great, I feel guilty now "
~Me, on 5.28.18 at 10:30 pm, tired from the KTV with friends

Where do I start? I'm not completely dead yet whee!

I'm currently working on a lookbook with the dresses I managed to put together, as well as a new cosplay.

Aside from that, I've been up-cycling my musical jewelry box with popsicle sticks, that's been keeping me busy lately tbh. I don't know if I'll ever post it up on here, but if anyone wants to see it, say the word, and i'll add pictures to my account (^_^)b

As for the future of my works that I do want to post, I'll put them in my account first, and if it gets good reception and reviews, maybe i'll post a thread soon after if I think it deserves it. Hopefully, this'll avoid any inconveniences and possible post spamming. As well as getting my account from getting any attention I necessarily wouldn't dream of.

However, I truly apologize for anyone who finds any of the things I've posted annoying or spam worthy. I'll do better the next time.

But other than that, Here's the first look I'll be compiling with a lot more coming in the near future. Here's to hoping you guys like it!


....As much as I love the  completely classy look -and by all means I should make an outfit solely based on it, the hair was purely accidental as I was goofing around the choices in the hair salon, lo and behold, it didn't completely ruin the outfit! and so, I got hooked with Rebel-Ella and kept it the way it was ....

As of now, I have at least two more avatars that I still have to edit! stay tuned for more! 

Thanks for reading, I'll see you guys in the next one~


i don't care





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