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AngelinaFreckle 2018-6-26 03:48
Jeocalix-Inminf: Welcome to FairyABC! I'm Scout Sugarheart and I'm ready to help you.
Thank you so much!! :)
Skyconic 2018-6-25 17:55
Jeocalix-Inminf: Welcome to FairyABC! I'm Scout Sugarheart  I'm ready to help you. I'm obsessed by Peridot and Fawn, and a girl called Janna Bejarano.
Thanks! :D
StarNova11 2018-6-23 20:00
Jeocalix-Inminf: Hola, Starnova
I chatted with you in the game before, my fairy name is Emma Snowbell.
StarNova11 2018-6-22 22:46
Hola, Scout!
Jeocalix-Inminf 2018-6-20 17:48
Twilaa 2018-6-20 12:10
Hola, Scout!
Nighty 2018-6-17 14:21
Hola Scout, como estas :)
captainmarvel 2018-6-9 15:13
Jeocalix-Inminf: ¿Why do you like esoterica? That's bad.
captainmarvel 2018-6-9 15:13
Jeocalix-Inminf: ¿Why do you like esoterica? That's bad.
neverland42 2018-6-8 23:26
Great page!
wanderlust 2018-6-8 09:34
i like the image you used in your header, where is that?
wanderlust 2018-6-6 10:24
thanks for giving your opinion on my profile! i agree about the song too and i'm trying to find a new one to replace it
Jeocalix-Inminf 2018-6-5 02:27
I'm exploring the forum and I was researching about what's vSide
anastasia-lock 2018-6-5 02:25
Jeocalix-Inminf: what's up
nothing much, what bout you :)))))
anastasia-lock 2018-6-5 02:04
RedRoseDay 2018-6-3 23:49
It's amazing how tall tress can grow. I really like your page!
Venus 2018-6-1 16:51
GoldenFlower 2018-5-30 21:37
I love the background! :O
Crystal2780!! 2018-5-30 16:00
I like your profile picture!!  My Sister, RedYuley727787, shall certainly love it, too -- Fawn is her favorite Disney Fairies characters.

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