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Share Friends <3
2018-6-22 22:07
I want to thank some peeps for being the best friends I could ever have. A special thanks to: Valorie Frostwhisper. You are so kind, and amazing! Thank you for being a great friend! Love you gurly! 3 Petunia/Twila. You are so talented in your art, and you make the best outfots ever! Thank ...
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Share What Makes Me Truly Happy
2018-5-29 23:38
I truly love it here on FairyABC. It is a second home to me. I come here to talk to all of these friendly people, and it just always makes my day. Another thing that always makes my day is seeing my dad smile. He is always angry and stressed. Today, he smiled. I cry whenever I think about it. I love ...
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Share Life
2018-5-3 22:45
Hey! I'm just a normal Disney-loving teenager.... buuuuttt I have some questions... Why are there so many people in this world that hate themselves? I mean, sure, a lot of people have divorced parents, but that doesn't change the love they have for you. I love my family, and I am glad I ge ...
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Share Animal Jam
2018-3-1 17:55
Hey everyone! Crystal here! I just wanted to talk about Animal Jam. I love the game, but sometimes it gets boring. I love to visit the oceans though. I wish they had more underwater places. I love the sandcastle den though. I wish there was more to explore. Some people might disagree, but the oceans ...
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Share The Struggle
2018-2-4 15:18
The struggle of middle school. Hey everyone. Today I wanted to talk about the struggles of middle school (well at least my struggles). I am in 7th grade, almost done with the 3rd quarter. This year, I joined chorus. It is the biggest regret of my life. I really do not like it. I mean, yeah, I love s ...
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