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Welcome to Shi’s Escape from ... [Favorites] [Copy] [RSS] Now get lost -_-* Carry on now.. nothing important to see here, just another bland human..

Tunes.. for the Mind.
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  • DescriptionSeconds before I wanted to end my existence there came a resistance,
    Sure you're imprisoned but think about the ppl you'll be missing,
    Think about your close ones and all the blessings
    Remember--all the biggest winnings comes from losing. It's a given.
  • Hobbies-Writing Music/Poetry- **Brewing Tea**(with honey) ~Academics~ **Future Pianist/Violinst** **Also a Part-time Butler**
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Halpppp ! Plz! 2019-11-23
Hello???! Anyone there ??  The names Shiloh, I was wondering if anybody knew what websites I could use to upload my MP3s to and copy and paste th ...
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Hai hai~ My first blog! ^^; 2018-01-31
Hai hai!~ fellow Pixies and Sparrowman ^^; The names Shiloh , I'm a new player to the hollow so everything is still pretty new to me.. also I'm ...
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  • Idk bout you but I’m feelin 22 ... :,) Hah.. Reply
  • A friend told me last night “It could always be worse” yet some some reason I doubt those words .. I feel like my life’s taken a long long PAUSE .. jeez why do I do this to myself .. Reply
  • Well. It’s Saturday.. gonna drown myself in this tub of ice cream.. guilty pleasures.. hah’ Reply
  • When I wake up every day and stare myself in the mirror I’m reminded of the ultimatum that life’s dea—no—That I dealt myself ..sometimes I feel like I’ve overstayed my welcome.. here..ya kno Reply
  • Life is so overwhelming.. what a mess I’ve made for myself.. sometimes I wish I can rewind time.. ha.....there goes my childish thinking again.. Reply
  • It's been raining alot over here.. Reply
  • It hasn't been such a bright Week for me guys .. xD But at least it's Saturday..I just wish I could spend it elsewhere.. Reply
  • I'm gonna try and be on more often guys^^I got certain things out my schedule so I'll have more time to relax   Reply
  • I had a dream of someone last night.. it was sweet.    I miss that feeling.. it was like something was trying to make me forget.. Reply
  • To those who sent me friend request - Sorries! I haven't really been on lately due my broken laptop so until then I'll be using my phone to get on xD.. My schedules crazy and I've been caught up.. Reply
  • Been really down about Jahseh Onfroy's death Aka XXXTENTACION .. Can't believe he's gone, he was a huge inspiration and an amazing uplifting talented individual . Rest in Peace.. Reply
  • Can't sleep xD .. yet again Reply
  • Ahhh' my cousin sherly's back   (Piano lessons!) It's been 3 weeks!  Reply
  • "Once every Night before you sleep and once after you wake up, ask yourself where you wanna be in the life and the people you wanna spend it with.. Never stop wishing' and slowly make them reality" ... Reply
  • Ya know I asked a distant friend from Puerto rico yesterday just before Sunset on how to cope with my problems.. I told her a lot of things about how I been uninspired and troubled..  She told me .. Reply
  • Hahaha' I just dipped my face in cold water and oh boyyy am I awake'   :,) Reply
  • Couldn't sleep..  Reply
  • Everything's been feeling like it's going slow but in reality time just flies away.. Reply
  • Things have definitely gotten warmer since the passing of the Spring Equinox..Thankfully lol. Glad mother nature took it easy on us this year.. last April there was 40 inches snow everywhere xD Reply
  • A bit late but I hope everyones had a HAPPY EASTER! XD .. I spent it sleeping tbh .. Reply
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Flouve 2020-7-31 06:42
Shiloh-chan: Nice header you got there .. ^^ flowers hold a lot of symbolism.. and they are pretty,
late reply but thank you!
SwordKnight 2019-3-17 03:23
I like your page. Can't explain why huhu but there it is, a compliment for 2019 I'm sO SOrry I didn't get to see your message on my page for so long, kind of forgot this place existed welp welp
coffeecup 2018-12-20 03:29
Shiloh-chan: I could use a coffee rn..  Also nice song^^ lol (Solo) The  intro has me hooked
Right! Solo is a bop!
Shiloh-chan 2018-12-12 22:18
Hahah'    Hai! Sorry for the late late reply! (。ŏ_ŏ) I've been soo busy with things over here hehe - Shiloh'
JeonJakook 2018-11-4 16:54
hi person C:
Kei 2018-10-16 15:49
Shiloh-chan : Hey Frost-chan! Idk if ya got my other message on ya guestbook (probably too long..) but I'm just checking up on ya           .. Mmm' ... Hey! :) Everything's been pretty good. Thanks, the same applies to you. I'd be happy to listen if you ever need someone. Hit me up on Skype if you ever wanna talk ^ ^ Love you too! ...
donkeyollie2004 2018-8-27 16:55
hahha is it stalking day? how did ya like my page?
keypersforever 2018-8-23 15:57
Hiya Your page is so beautiful.
//Jess// ❤
Casidith™ 2018-7-25 19:28
Shiloh-chan: Trippy 0.o ..  (Nice page^^}
Very trip indeed hehe ~ /╲/\( •̀ ω •́ )/\╱\ ~~
GalacticOblivin 2018-7-23 12:53
Shiloh-chan: I like the layout! xD  ~ Shiloh
aahh thank you!
Casidith™ 2018-7-23 10:02
♬♫♪A sweet page. Also the music is jammin!◖(● o ●)◗♪♫♬
samebert 2018-7-19 02:23
Shiloh-chan: I like the background sooo much! xD Such vivid coloring hah' ^^ Mmm, anyhow--- I hope to meet ya in the hollow sooner or later, bai-bai!~ Shiloh
I'm glad u like it!!! And same :-)
아도라 2018-7-14 21:17
Popping in again to say hello and that I hope you're doing well!
~ Lily
GoldenFlower 2018-6-15 13:41
Your page is awesome!
Kei 2018-6-12 16:22
Shiloh-chan : Just wanted to say.. I love you. I hope we can see each other soon, my adorable lil frost..' I've been caught-up lately in alot of things... I hope yo ... Good morning!~ Haha, I know it's technically not, but it's so sunny and the day's only begun for me so... :P I'm always praying for you so stay strong and overcome whatever life throws at you, all right? :) Lol yeah, people can be pretty nasty sometimes but it's only because we aren't perfect, including myself of course lol. ... ...
Lovingfriend123 2018-6-11 23:13
Shiloh-chan: Heh' it's kinda influenced by it somewhat xD.. Sorry for the late reply'
That is alrighty-alrighty-alrighty!!
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