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Summerly 2019-6-4 15:01
smallapple403 2019-5-8 19:33
love ur pagee
smallapple403 2019-5-8 19:33
love ur pagee
Summerly 2019-5-3 00:09
daintypanda: So watercolor-y of a page x3 looks nice!
Thank u b o n e l e s s  Karinaa <3
Summerly 2019-5-2 23:17
K a r i n a  = boneless <3
ND1103 2019-4-19 14:46
daintypanda: Heyo!
WingsFlying 2019-4-18 23:12
Thanks for your help!
Arrietty 2018-12-6 20:38
daintypanda: Woah, your page is actually awesome!
Thank you! It took me a long time to decide on a theme. I love your page though, it's so cute~
Meeso 2018-1-7 15:08
daintypanda: Thanks! I forgot about it for about a year, but then returned because of nostalgia <3
Ohhh lmao sorry, but I'm glad you returned back with us! <33333333
JustLikeDulcie 2018-1-7 10:23
What is your favorite type of tea?
Meeso 2018-1-6 09:48
Welcome to FairyABC! <3
Jasper 2017-12-28 14:55
Hi I'm Jasper, welcome to FairyABC! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. I hope to see you in-game :D

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