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WOOHOO I finally figured out how to add music to this thing >.<  
2019-3-17 13:51 Reply|
I also got a sale for my new biz Glit Co. I need to update my profile page
2019-3-10 15:36 Reply|
Update: buying matcha was my best investment yet! Plus my grades are actually improving like what :) I only have God to thank
2019-3-10 15:36 Reply|
:( ...At least I have my online businesses.. cry. Can't wait for school to be over woohoo!
2018-12-3 12:59 Reply|
I flunked my prob and stats test for sure.. :) can't wait for my matcha I ordered to come so I can make my own lattes at least.
2018-12-3 12:39 Reply|

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