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Jeocalix-Inminf 2019-1-2 02:43
Happy new year!
ilyalex 2018-12-22 09:51
-Autumn-: Heya Alex! It was nice meeting you at FCF tonight.
ilyalex 2018-12-22 09:48
nice meeting you too! love the page
Nora 2018-12-9 20:20
XxDawnxX 2018-11-20 00:00
if my heart was a house! omg i love owl city; adam's music always calmed me down when i was younger ;u;
Daisygarden 2018-10-30 16:42
Love your page! The colors are beautiful! <3
♥foxheart♥ 2018-10-18 14:34
-Autumn-: Hi!! I really like your page. Star Fox gives me Star Wars/Spyro vibes xD
Thank you so much! I like yours as well! It's really cute! :D
cocolileee 2018-10-17 19:10
-Autumn-: Hey!! I found your youtube channel :p you're so pretty!
omg tysm ahhhhhh <3
Butterflies 2018-9-6 22:41
-Autumn-: Aww I'm so glad! I think they're adorable :3
They are so cute<33
Butterflies 2018-9-3 12:02
Your avocados make me smile every time I visit your page :)
skittlepants8 2018-8-25 17:23
-Autumn-: I've missed you too!!! How have you been??! What have you been up to?!
im good!!! i've just been at home, doing nothing
skittlepants8 2018-8-15 11:58
-Autumn-: Harrrmms it's been forever!
yeah it has! i've missed you!!
Blue_Hiraeth 2018-8-13 14:01
-Autumn-: WOWZA we have so much in common.

I'm an INFJ!! (We're a rare breed lol)
Star Wars is amazing
I used to read and watch the Narnia series all the time
Heyo (:

Yay INFJs ftw ;D
Yus! Star Wars is the absolute best! Who's your favorite character?
The Narnia music is the sound of my childhood <3
T-Swizzle!!! <333 What song of hers is your fav?
Yooouuu wouuuld noooot beliiieeve yoooour eeeeeyessss ;) Ocean Eyes is my fav of Adam's albums. Personally, I don't really like his new one, Lucid Dream isn't bad though :)
I am so ready for fall to be here D: Long jeans, boots, & hoodies come back to me!
Swimming is the most therapeutic feeling <3
Chocolate is 10/10. Do you have an ideal cacao %?
Gilmore Girls yeessss!!! I'm holding myself back from rewatching it rn because I love watching it in the fall/winter so I must resist ;D Logan imo :) Milo Ventimiglia's a great actor though.
The falling leaf effect is back in Acorn Summit!!! Maybe I'm going crazy but I swear they haven't been there for a little bit, but now they're back and my aesthetic is incredibly happy <3 :D

I can't wait to fly with you in game again soon! I've just been dealing with a long line of medical stuff and unfortunately it's been pretty rough as of late and my energy is 0/10 haha. But Fabc has been a lifesaver for me <3
tomatosoup 2018-8-13 09:26
Love the bible verse!
tomatosoup 2018-8-13 06:51
I love your page! SOOO peaceful!!
smallapple403 2018-6-25 23:37
haiiiiiiii hehe
pearlcuteshine 2018-6-24 17:53
-Autumn-: What ideas do you have? :)
not many.. i need help skdlfj
Twilaa 2018-6-23 19:04
-Autumn-: Eeeee, loving your new page!
Tysm! <3
Twilaa 2018-6-22 17:29
Teeny-tiny updates to my page. :D

Also, hello!
MoonFields 2018-6-20 21:46
| Thankle!!!!

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