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Playing old Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/Taylor Swift and WOW I'm in the feels.
  • MoonChildPotter: My mind flashed back to Hannah Montana days on Disney lol. (1-17 21:09)
2018-10-18 12:56 Reply|
I'm really hoping the update comes soon...
  • Cookies: Don't get your hopes up, it'll probably be late again xP It might come soon, who knows really. (4-29 14:37)
  • -Autumn-: We're always left in the dark about it lol. (4-30 10:35)
  • Cookies: It should've came by now ahhhh (4-30 20:00)
2018-4-28 18:12 Reply|
How's it going dood.
  • Jasper: pretty chilly my guy (4-4 16:54)
2018-4-3 21:42 Reply|
This past week has been rough  
  • Jasper: I hope things get better for you..   (4-3 00:04)
  • -Autumn-: Thanks Jas. I've had 4 tests in the past week! It all ends tomorrow thankfully (4-3 00:12)
2018-4-2 17:25 Reply|
I can't wait until we can have multiple fairies per account! I'm definitely going to make a water and tinker talent :)
  • Jasper: I will make a fast-flying talent :D (3-26 17:51)
  • -Autumn-: That will definitely suit your love for purple xD my og fairy was a water talent so I want to make a new one as a tribute to her :) (3-26 18:17)
2018-3-26 14:57 Reply|
Currently trying to find my safe space in a world full of chaos. What's yours?  
  • Butterflies: A really good book (3-28 21:05)
  • -Autumn-: Ooo good suggestion. I've been on and off with reading the Goblet of Fire. I need to get back on it! (3-28 21:20)
  • Butterflies: You go girl! Get that book done!<3 (3-28 21:34)
2018-3-19 20:54 Reply|
It's official: I'm studying abroad this summer!!!
  • Jasper: Omg congrats! best wishes to you, and have the time of your life! (2-27 15:16)
  • -Autumn-: Thanks Jas!! I'm so excited. :) (2-27 21:24)
2018-2-26 23:24 Reply|
I've been quite nostalgic lately. Anyone else?  
  • Cookies: YES I have! I've been feeling the good type of nostalgic <3 (2-21 01:52)
  • -Autumn-: Same. Sometimes I wish I was a wee lil thing again. Life was so much easier and a lot of fun. (2-21 12:14)
  • Cookies: HONESTLYY. You didn't have to worry about anything serious and it was pretty much less dramatic/stressful (2-21 17:46)
2018-2-20 20:11 Reply|
I finally updated my page! Christmas was a little outdated.  
  • LabsNotDabs‚ú®: Looks nice! (2-3 14:43)
  • -Autumn-: Thanks love!! How are you? (2-3 15:57)
  • LabsNotDabs‚ú®: I am fine, thanks for asking. How about you? (2-9 20:05)
  • -Autumn-: I'm good!! Just took care of some wittle babies so my day is brighter :3 (2-10 15:23)
  • beanytomo: Looks great!! (2-4 17:06)
  • Cookies: AWW I LOVE YOUR NEW PAGE! Your header looks so cute, and your background images are pretty also >.< The color combinations here look really nice together. (2-6 23:38)
  • -Autumn-: Aww thanks boo!!! Long time no see :/ (2-7 01:01)
  • Cookies: You're welcome ^^ and yesss it has been a while. How have you been? (2-7 17:09)
  • -Autumn-: I've been good!! This week is crazy but I'm truckin' through. How about you? (2-7 18:28)
  • Cookies: Same, school's killing me xP So much work. My teachers act like I don't have other work to do and just give me a bunch that's due the next day *sigh* (2-7 19:06)
  • -Autumn-: Yeah that's the worst >_> Hopefully your workload slows down! (2-7 23:55)
  • Cookies: All-nighters ;-; And thanks. I hope your week gets better (2-8 00:59)
  • Shiloh-chan: Heh' Christmas' is still very much alive over here T-T (2-9 19:19)
2018-2-3 13:00 Reply|
Just wanted to remind you lovely people to never undermine your pain from manipulation or verbal abuse. It is very real, just as much as physical abuse. If you ever want to talk, I'm here!
2017-6-23 15:15 Reply|
Need the motivation to get up and workout tomorrow.. not feelin' it.  
  • catcatherine: Same ); I have a workout routine all planned out, but I can't get myself to do it (6-6 10:58)
  • -Autumn-: We can get up and DO IT!! What does your routine look like? (6-6 15:50)
  • catcatherine: Butt and ab workouts (6-7 08:26)
  • -Autumn-: Nice. I just got back from the gym. I'm finally seeing progress so the work is paying off! (6-7 14:44)
  • catcatherine: Yay! (6-7 22:11)
2017-6-6 02:31 Reply|
Coffee shops are my second home <3
2017-5-23 00:15 Reply|
Happy Valentine's day fairies and sparrowmen!! I'm so grateful for all of y'all!
2017-2-14 16:18 Reply|
Shoutout to Topaz Nightspirit for creating the AMAZING drawing that is my profile picture! You are so incredibly talented, Topi. :)
2017-1-28 15:54 Reply|
Spotify = Spoofy
2017-1-23 00:23 Reply|
Currently wondering why no one's raving about Radiohead's album, "A Moon Shaped Pool."  
2017-1-11 23:01 Reply|

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