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My Favorite Quotation!!
2018-5-3 23:36
I have heard dozens of quotations throughout my lifetime. Through them all, This One stands out to me. "'All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.'" ---- Walter Elias Disney (best known as Walt Disney)
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The Tale OF "'Timmy Tenderfoot'"
2018-3-15 00:22
The tale of "' Timmy Tenderfoot '" is an old Scout Legend. This is how it goes, .... Timmy Tenderfoot was an active Scout. He was very popular among the Scout leaders, always willing to participate. Always very eager to learn Scout skills, he could tie a Square Knot ...
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Sounds OF Nature
2018-3-12 17:26
When you've been involved in Scouts for several years, the sounds of nature sound more welcoming than a victory welcome at the end of a war. The feeling of being all alone in the middle of nowhere can make you feel lost and lonely, true. However, it can also make you feel awed by the sen ...
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