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I am making a cosplay album just for AG cosplays. from now on I'll put those there. Currently i gotta sacrifice some pics ( in ag pics case i got them most if not all saved on my computer)
2019-4-9 03:43 Reply|
if you come by my cosplay album, and notice many gone, especially the AG ones, it is because i am removing them to get mroe attatchment space, however...
2019-4-9 03:42 Reply|
Upcoming album, I'm still gonna put my ariana grande cosplays in my current cosplay album as well, but since I adore her so much, I am making a seperate cosplay album just for AG cosplays :)
2019-4-6 16:48 Reply|
updated my music to christmas music ( ariana grande and pentatonix)
2018-11-18 23:02 Reply|
I just realized tommorow is my arrival day! I will officially have been a fairyabc member for 1 year
2018-11-8 02:06 Reply|
I am a minister now. Wow time flies
2018-10-25 00:50 Reply|
I just reorganized my youtube channel yesterday.
2018-9-12 13:11 Reply|
wooohoo over 1000 views on my page. Thank y'all so much
2018-8-13 19:58 Reply|
my birthday is tommorow!! whoo hoo
2018-8-2 09:01 Reply|
It's always sad to me when someone get's banned, but even more sad when that fairy is one you consider a best friend. that's all im gonna say on it here.
  • PixieDelRey: its ok. it hurts me to see people getting ban and muted and showing up in the report center. only if things were different, eh? (6-30 02:36)
2018-6-24 15:16 Reply|
I just realized Rose (aka navaya) and I have been fairy twins for 103 days now!.
2018-4-19 17:25 Reply|
just bought some disney fairy figurines on ebay to replace the ones my dogs chewed up a few years ago. I may be an adult, but that doesnt mean i dont like fairy dolls ( i can collect them)
2018-3-9 14:18 Reply|
Yay Im a talent master now!!
  • Jasper: Congrats!! Road to minister starts now :) (3-7 12:59)
  • FloraSeastone: Congratulations! *confetti* (3-8 21:03)
2018-3-7 04:10 Reply|
in general i do like spring, except for one part of it. Spring when stinging bugs come back out and im horrified of them ( ironic since im animal fairy) other than that im excited for spring
  • Cookies: I love spring because of the weather and beautiful nature, but I agree, bugs are ahhhhh. Also pollen ;-; (3-6 23:40)
2018-3-6 16:31 Reply|
I only need 62 more credits till i become a talent master :)
  • Villiana: Ooo, good luck! You're almost there!~ (3-5 20:00)
  • arianator3942: thx. hopefully i dont suddenly get bumped back down to honored pixie like last time (3-5 20:07)
2018-3-5 19:47 Reply|
  • Jasper: Goodnight :) (3-5 02:50)
2018-3-5 01:29 Reply|
my current fairy abc goal: To do 100 or more cosplays. currently i have done 28 so 72 more to go
  • Jasper: My current goal is to earn my credits back... Lol (2-27 15:17)
2018-2-25 02:40 Reply|
I got to play firefly light up last night, well sort of. Too bad it was only a dream and I only got to play for about 5 minutes  
2018-2-3 21:39 Reply|
Wow 244 visitors! Awesome! Thanks for checking my page out.
  • Jasper: Congrats :P (2-4 15:44)
2018-2-3 19:42 Reply|
dang it I can't sleep
2018-1-28 03:27 Reply|

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