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아도라 // adora [Favorites] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] you are special. ♡

  • Descriptioncancer//isfj//방탄소년단

    hello there! ♡ it's nice to meet you. i'm lily from pixie hollow. i'm not much of a talker due to my timidity, but please don't let that stop you from talking to me! i love making new friends.
  • Hobbiesreading, writing, photographing, singing
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentWater talent

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tomatosoup 2018-8-16 04:04
HEY! YA KOREAN!???? ME TOO! 안녕 도라야!!!!
Casidith™ 2018-7-25 22:25
Hello ! Your profile is cute (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ~~♪♪♪
GoldenFlower 2018-6-1 15:42
아도라: Thank you so much! <3 I love your profile picture as well! Silvermist is my favorite fairy.
Thank you! She is my favorite too. <3
GoldenFlower 2018-5-30 21:35
I love the kitten picture for your profile picture :3 Adorbs
MidnightEscape 2018-5-30 13:07
I love your profile picture    so cute
MoonChildPotter 2018-5-28 18:15
아도라: Thank you so much! I love yours, too! ♡
It's nice to know that I'm not alone on that part, haha. It can become so awkward  and embarrassing when you ...
So true! I'm more comfortable in a small group and I like to observe more than talk.
~ XO Rose
SwordKnight 2018-5-27 09:56
아도라: Hello! ^^ Welcome to Pixie Hollow! I'm Lily.
How are you enjoying the game so far?
Pretty cute haha
MoonChildPotter 2018-5-26 22:46
Love your forum name! I'm not very talkative either, you're not alone.
~ XO Rose
Shiloh-chan 2018-3-7 01:04
아도라 : Hello there! I came by just to check up on you. I hope you're doing alright. Heya xD Lily. Lol. It's funnyIk another Lily ..heh. Anyways I just been caught up in alot of randomness. A lot of unexpected things happening atm that conflict with one of my goals I have for this year.. Blah. Life' ya know? Hah' All I can say is, Busy. But I'll be fine ^^' Thank you for checking up on me though, the gestures really appreciated, cerealy! Welp, bai bai! Heh'~ Shiloh' ...
Shiloh-chan 2018-2-26 03:22
Haiii! ^^ Hahah it's very nice to meet ya! c: My Sis name is Lily in-game hahah.. I hope to meet ya again in the hollw! Also tysm for the Friend Request! ~ Welp, bai-bai! ~ Shi
King 2017-12-19 00:59
아도라: I am so sorry for the late response!
I'm doing well, thank you so much for asking. ♡ How about yourself? Is everything alright with you?
No problem, I'm just chilling like a freezer- busy with the holidays and all. Glad you are doing well, Hopefully, I'll see you around.
King 2017-12-12 11:09
Halo- how are you?
Cookies 2017-11-21 17:56
아도라: Thank you, love /-\ ♡ It's a work in progress. I'm not too sure how I feel about it yet, haha.
I love yours as well!
Tanks youuu, can't wait to see the result <3
Cookies 2017-11-21 17:33
Your space is so nice, Lily <3
King 2017-11-21 17:32
Hello Hello.
Venus 2017-11-18 19:16
아도라: Your page is absolutely gorgeous. It's so peaceful, and I adore the song so much.
Have a wonderful day, love. ♡
thank you sooo much love <3
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