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I'm so stressed lately I hate it  
  • Jasper: Me too. It feels like I am 90% stress. (1-26 20:10)
  • Cookies: Saame. I just eat the stress away and listen to music. It usually helps me (1-27 03:39)
2018-1-25 10:33 Reply|
I love the idea if making Fairyabc videos but I dont have any recording stuff to do that.
  • Jasper: I use HyperCam 2. It't really easy to use and doesn't have watermarks or anything. (1-16 19:46)
2018-1-16 12:49 Reply|
College is hard sometimes XD
  • Cookies: Oh boi, how hard o-o (1-18 23:42)
  • SkellyQueen: Its alittle stressful to keep up with the classes (1-27 09:10)
2018-1-16 12:43 Reply|
Im so busy T^T I'll try to get on more need to do some more cosplay to post v.v
2018-1-16 12:29 Reply|
I missed all the fun in PH. I would get on more when I can >.<
  • Cookies: We missed you toooooo (1-7 16:21)
  • Jasper: Miss you Ony ♥ (1-7 18:12)
2018-1-6 10:13 Reply|
Happy late new year.
2018-1-1 14:42 Reply|
Life is just a ball of mix feelings. we just hope that it will fix before something horrible happens.  
2017-12-29 16:23 Reply|
Im back for now but not sure when Ill fully be on alot. Life took a turn. Love the new updates tho :)
  • Cookies: I hope you're alright ;-; (12-27 21:29)
2017-12-25 13:15 Reply|
Sorry Haven't been on for so long. I'm alive and well. This weekend there's a anime convention that I'm going to called Con+Alt+Delete. I'm working on my irl cosplay I need to focus on it.
2017-12-11 23:21 Reply|
I've been busy and less on FairyABC sorry
2017-12-7 17:25 Reply|
I love playing League of legends. (Jinx is my favorite )(( look her up))   
2017-12-2 09:55 Reply|
Watched my sister faint in front of me yesterday.  
  • HappyDerp: OH MY GOSH I HOPE FOXIE IS OK.. YOU TWO TAKE CARE   (11-30 18:28)
  • WinterSparkle: Omg! I hope she is okay!!! (11-30 19:45)
2017-11-30 15:39 Reply|
I'm so obsessed with this song I love so much. I've been listening to it for three days. Its a beautiful song too.  
2017-11-29 11:43 Reply|
I haven't really posted on my page in a while. I've been really busy with school and life stuff. It's a struggle I barely am online to hang out with my friends I miss them all T^T
2017-11-29 11:20 Reply|
I try writing random things going on with me or my life on here Rip Rip  
2017-11-22 14:26 Reply|
Been babysitting since 7:00Am I was so tired  
2017-11-21 20:14 Reply|
I've been playing league of legends all day. So obsessed with Poppy and Jinx.
2017-11-20 18:52 Reply|
Kinda hate how half of my music just stops like 45 seconds in   
2017-11-19 15:33 Reply|
I hate that my mom takes my phone when I'm doing my homework. I want to........     
2017-11-19 15:30 Reply|
I keep 0-ing and I'm just :(
  • Villiana: The struggle is reaaaal. (11-21 12:05)
2017-11-19 00:36 Reply|

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