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Blue Hiraeth [Favorites] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] A wistful deep longing for a place that is no longer and perhaps never was.


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LooneyTunes♥ 2018-2-26 22:06
Blue_Hiraeth: HIIIIIIII <333333333 How are u doing? <3
IM  E E H H school has me BOOKED 4 LIFE RIP, HOW R U THO?
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-2-26 19:46
HI BABE <333333333
Butterflies 2018-2-17 18:48
Blue_Hiraeth: Aw thank you <333 I l<3ve the butterflies on your page!!!! The colors are gorgeous :O
Thank you so much<3!
Butterflies 2018-2-17 15:08
I love your page! The water in the background is very peaceful!<3
zance 2018-2-10 01:01
Blue_Hiraeth: Yeah Dawn Treader unfortunately was the furthest from the books and the least successful of the 3. Lion, Witch, & Wardrobe is literally the best book  ...
The battle scene lives on as one of my all time favourite movie scenes.
zance 2018-2-10 00:36
Blue_Hiraeth: Yaaaaas Ben Barnes is awesome :) Though it's really funny - he has like this insanely thick accent in Prince Caspian and then in Dawn Treader it almos ...
Ahh what?! If I ever noticed that, I forgot! I didn't really like Dawn Treader, though.
zance 2018-2-10 00:12
Blue_Hiraeth: :O :O I didn't even realize!!! Yas A Narnia lullaby <3 <3 I love that song!!! The Narnia series is my heart and soul <3 The Lion, The Witch, & The War ...
I used to have a minor obsession with Caspian, haha!
zance 2018-2-9 23:28
I just realised we both have Narnia music on our pages right now! Love that series!
-Autumn- 2018-2-3 01:35
Blue_Hiraeth: Awww I'm blushing and smiling so much reading this <3333 Thank you so much that means the world to me <3 Aw ty! Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus is my favorite s ...
I'm assuming you enjoy the whole Narnia series? :)
-Autumn- 2018-2-2 23:32
Hey Abi! It was so nice meeting you tonight :) You are so crazy kind with a beautiful soul. I just read your bio and I'm praying for you and your health!! I'm so glad this is a safe place for you.

P.S. Your music playlist is AWESOME!! Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus is very "Pixie Hollowesque" and well, Owl City is amazing.
Tsuchiii 2018-2-2 21:01
Hey how have you been feeling? Any better from our previous-chat? It’s been quite sometime^^;
Tsuchiii 2018-1-12 20:41
God bless you ! I hope you get better. Honestly!  Don't push yourself and think positive ^^ I believe in you !
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-1-8 13:52
Blue_Hiraeth: HI LUNA BB <333333
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-1-7 14:39
Cookies 2017-10-30 22:45
Blue_Hiraeth: Aw thanks for the compliment bb <3 <3 I'm so glad you had fun! Zance and I enjoyed planning it so much and were so glad for the turnout and the games  ...
It's no problem! <3 And thanks for being YOUR lovely amaze self, Abi xD
Cookies 2017-10-29 23:44
Hey abi, o/
The halloween party was a lot of fun and the organization was refreshing <3 Thanks for helping to make the night amaze!
Lorella 2017-10-27 13:35
You are Pixie Pal :D.
Blue_Hiraeth 2017-10-4 12:14
Abigail or Abbi is fine it doesn't really matter :) Yeah I definitely prefer Adam's older stuff though all his stuff is good. My favorite album is Ocean Eyes. IKR!? So cool that he's doing some movie scores! They're so pretty <3 Oooo props to you for delving into poetry! I enjoy it but I'm not particularly skilled at it compared to other forms of writing, though I did study the different forms in high school and can write in iambic pentameter and some older methods. Right now I'm currently working on a monstrous Star Wars fanfiction haha. It's 3,000 words away from 300,000 words total, 600 pages on the microsoft document I'm doing it on and I'm not even close to finished :P I'm hoping to put it up on one of the public fanfic sites when I'm done, but I'm a perfectionist so I wanted to wait until I finished to post it. I also like nonfiction research papers. Oh I love reading!!!! My favorite book series is Maximum Ride by James Patterson, but I also love the old Greek plays. What about you? Bean brownies are flexible, personally I like the taste with Kidney Beans because they had a lot of flavor but most recipes you find will suggest black beans (I think to help with the end color looking the most like regular brownies). Oh! You should check out ChocolateCoveredKatie, she has a blog website with tons of amazing recipes. That's where I got my baseline recipes for the mug cake, brownies, and pumpkin banana bread though I had to tweak them a lot to fit into my diet. She also has a recipe for cookie dough dip make with chickpeas which is amazing <3 Oooo lemon is delicious as well <3 I always loved lemon muffins in particular. What's your favorite thing to make with lemon? (Sorry this is so long I'll stop talking now xD )
FloraSeastone 2017-10-4 01:13
Blue_Hiraeth: Hi :D Yay another Owl City fan!!!! I can't wait for his next album, it's been forever D: What kind of stuff do you like to write? I'm always experimen ...
Hi Abigail (or Abbi? Which do you prefer?)! My brother got me into Owl City's music. I tend to like the older, less pop-y songs that focus on the lyrics, although some of the newer hits are nice and catchy. I just found out he's currently composing movie scores?? How cool is that?!
Writing poetry (both free verse and metered) and shorter fiction feels most comfortable to me, although creative nonfiction is fun, too. And I'll read just about anything. :D How about you?
Ah! That must be hard. Good for you for being creative with your limitations. Ooh, mug cake sounds convenient and fun. Okay: bean brownies? What kind of beans do you use? I would tentatively try that . . . pumpkin banana bread sounds delicious. Sadly, I haven't made a lot from scratch lately, mostly just scone mixes and prepared cookie dough. A few years back, though, I made some scones with lemon curd sauce, and I hope to make that again. I love all things lemon!
FloraSeastone 2017-10-3 20:36
Fly with you! Like you, I love Owl City and writing and being a water talent. What kind of healthy desserts do you like to make?

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