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If my calculations are correct, the system reward for posting this activity should officially make me a minister!!! Ahhh so excited :O :D
  • Villiana: Congrats Abi!! Welcome to the Minister Club. :P (3-23 17:54)
2019-3-22 01:22 Reply|
So I just realized I had 2 pages worth of friend requests I'd never responded to because I'd missed the notifs about them D: I'm so sorry, I promise I wasn't ignoring anyone! I accepted them now <3
2018-10-7 16:16 Reply|
I'm 1! ;) It's my 1st arrival day anniversary on Fabc <3 1 year ago today, at this time, I flew into this hollow & took over Fridays xD Ty to all the friends I've made here, you've saved my life <333 ...
2018-9-2 02:47 Reply|

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