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2017-9-25 00:12
So basically me and my sister always practicing some kpop dance we always practice some kpop dance on weekends or in summer we practiced this dance from BLACKPINK called ''As if it's your last'' and ''Playing with fire'' and we actually wanted to practice ''Blood sweat and tears'' by BTS lol anyway ...
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Ya'll invite to your kpop group or something!
2017-9-4 01:36
Ya'll invite me to your kpop group or something cause i wanna update you guys or like i wanna know the updates too and be friends with you ya'll my bbs add me or invite me Thank you! Kamsamnida! 3
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I'm a kpop fan
2017-9-2 00:51
i started liking kpop since i was in 4 grade lol because one of my best friends listening to this kpop group called girls generation and my friends were like dude you should listen too, and i started listening and i'mobsessed with kpop now lol and i started to listen to different kpop groups ...
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Hi! Im Emerald also known as stacy!
2017-9-1 22:30
Hi ya'll i just want you guys to know that i'm new here in this website, i've been playing this game when i was like 8 yrs brings me back to my child hood memories i don't know why they shut it down long time ago though, but anyways if you guys see me wondering around feel free to add me or talk t ...
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