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Winter version of Other Talents Theory (Under Construction)

Viewed 201 times2017-9-17 14:32 |Personal category:Ideas

Winter Version of Other Talents

      I was think about the movie "Secret of the Wings" and I was wondering if only winter fairies are the only types of fairies allowed in the winter woods.
If that was the case then wouldn't it be troublesome for the other talents from the warm seasons to constantly go back and forth running errands for the winter fairies?  Besides there is already a winter animal talent over there, it wouldn't hurt if there were other talents with winter versions, for instance a winter serving talent. 
      If winter talents were the only ones allowed in the winter woods then other fairies would constantly schedule errands for them and this includes food and other equipment. It would be much more effective if they had winter versions if other talents to help them instead of wasting the time of warm season fairies. 

     In the movie there is a scene where an arrival happens but it drifts over to the winter woods. If new fairies are able to "arrive" at the winter woods does this make them automatically a frost talent or a glacier talent? Maybe the arrivals become other talents like a tinker talent or a polishing talent. If you think about it it's strange for the winter woods to have their own arrival place, it's ridiculous to think that the place is only for winter talents, sure it's harmful for the other winter fairies to travel across pixie hollow, but surely that arrival place shouldn't be home to only winter fairies. 
      In the movie we see Periwinkle's arrival and how a single gust of wind sent her the winter woods. There are many alternate possibles where Periwinkle didn't split up but stayed with Tinkerbell. I'm not sure if them splitting was a accident or faith, but if you consider the fact that all the new arrivals that come to the winter woods turn into winter talents, something doesn't fit, If all the arrivals that go to the winter woods turn into winter talents then what caused them to come out that way? Was it faith or purely by chance?       

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