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Possible Pixie Hollow Ideas

Viewed 206 times2017-9-16 16:23 |Personal category:Ideas

✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。❄。*。¨¯`*✲ Possible Pixie Hollow Ideas ✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲

I was thinking about a few things that might make pixie hollow more interesting and entertaining so I made a list describing possible ideas that could be implemented into the game, however please remind yourself that these are ideas, and not all of them could be realistically done. If possible, I would gladly appreciate if you also shared some ideas too. 

1. Add in different types of talents 9/16/17  ✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲
It would be more interesting if different types of talents would be added into the game. Instead of having only five talents we could also incorporate others such as baking talents, or polishing talents. I'm not sure if it is possible to add that many talents into the game, but it would also give the game a more variety of players.

2. Different types of homes 9/16/17  ✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲
When I mean different types of homes I mean different versions of existing homes. instead of having homes themed by talent we could also makes homes based on the environment, for example we could make multiple different homes that are fall or winter themed.

3. Pixie dust limit 9/16/17  ✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲
In the old pixie hollow, pixie dust would run out if you played too many games, instead of that we could use pixie dust for flying. When a player fly too much their fairy could run out of pixie dust forcing them to refuel.

4. The inside of the pixie hollow tree 9/16/17  ✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲
I've always wanted to see the inside of the pixie hollow tree. I would like to imagine that there are other rooms above the ballroom, maybe a front office sort of place where fairies go there to talk to ministers or the queen. Maybe there could be a place where the queen lives and the only way to get there is through a quest or event. 

5. Day and night events 9/16/17  ✲*`¯¨。*。❄。✲*`¯¨❄.。*´✲
Since the admins were adding a day and night system to the game I thought that it would be nice if events could happening during specific times of the day like certain quest could be accomplished during the middle of the night, or special areas could be accessed during the morning. 

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