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Haven't been on here in forever :/
  • Jasper: Glad to see ya :D (6-29 19:16)
2019-6-29 15:01 Reply|
Broken inside...
2019-2-21 21:32 Reply|
Last night was awful and amazing at the same time    so many crazy things happened... I won't ever forget it.
2019-1-26 20:24 Reply|
Page updated! I made it cute but simple. Might change the background photo because it doesn't match lol
2018-12-24 20:57 Reply|
Hey. I've been gone for a while... School has been life changing for me and I've been super busy. Drama, dating, homework, etc. Page change coming soon! And Merry Christmas!  
2018-12-24 18:34 Reply|
Wow I need to change my page. I literally haven't had time to even get on this game that much anymore..
2018-10-11 22:18 Reply|
BTS ACTUALLY COLLABORATED WITH NICKI MINAJ.........................................................................................................
  • Fungirl99000: In which song? (8-25 18:58)
  • MidnightEscape: Idol.... (8-25 19:30)
  • Fungirl99000: but in the mv she wasnt there...? (8-25 19:36)
  • MidnightEscape: Yea. But there's an alternative version with her rapping in it. The MV just didn't feature her. (8-25 19:43)
  • MidnightEscape: I have the one with her in it in my music box, at the top. Her part is at 3:03. (8-25 19:44)
  • Fungirl99000: Oh ok (8-25 19:50)
2018-8-24 20:46 Reply|
  • Fungirl99000: bahahahahahaahahaha. I mean watashi wa liked it. It wasnt that bad XD (8-25 18:58)
  • Fungirl99000: I liked hobi in it 8))))) hehehehehehehehe (8-25 21:26)
  • MidnightEscape: LOLOLOL I didn't see that at first :) u luv him (12-24 21:08)
  • MidnightEscape: :> (12-24 21:10)
2018-8-23 20:48 Reply|
XD I mostly get along with the dudes in my new School c:
  • MidnightEscape: My mom always says she'd much rather me be friends with the girls but I don't get along with them as much 8) (8-17 19:47)
  • Jasper: I never got along well with girls in high school so I find it funny that I have so many female friends here now XD (8-18 16:20)
  • MidnightEscape: XD (8-18 18:12)
2018-8-17 19:46 Reply|
DdAeNg, BTS' cOnCePt pHoToS aRe h0T
2018-8-14 12:35 Reply|
Today's the last day of Summer for me xd I'm usually homeschooled, but tomorrow I'm going to public school... I'm afraid of embarrassing myself at school c: and I don't want to do homework  
2018-8-14 12:34 Reply|
JINTRO: Epiphany
2018-8-9 18:29 Reply|
This week has been the most boring week ever. All I did was sit around in pajamas and eat cold expired oatmeal  
2018-8-4 16:37 Reply|
I'm not ready for BTS' comeback...
  • Fungirl99000: Are they making new songs? If so when??? (8-2 20:09)
  • MidnightEscape: Did u not know they were having a comeback o.o? (8-2 20:10)
  • Fungirl99000: No cuz I'm dumb :) (8-2 20:11)
  • MidnightEscape: Wow :) Yes they are making new songs for their new album, and there will probably be a new MV too x33 the release date is August 24th. (8-2 20:14)
  • Fungirl99000: Ooooo I wanna see a new MV and see if any of their new songs r any goodXDXD (8-2 20:15)
  • MidnightEscape: (8-2 20:31)
2018-8-2 20:01 Reply|
I wouldn't be alive if BTS collaborated with Ariana Grande
2018-8-2 20:00 Reply|
My sis said I look like Ariana Grande with bangs o.o
2018-8-2 19:59 Reply|
Love Yourself: Answer is coming    
2018-7-19 13:54 Reply|
I kinda want to be a rapper
  • Fungirl99000: XD if i wasnt so shy i'd wanna be a rapper AND singer 8) (7-12 14:28)
  • MidnightEscape: XD (7-12 14:33)
  • MidnightEscape: I'm pretty good at rapping, but singing... OMW. You DO NOT ever wanna hear my disgusting singing XD (7-12 14:34)
  • Fungirl99000: XD!!! (7-12 14:38)
  • JeonJakook: Im verrryyyy shy irl but i have a dream of performing on stage... The sound of it justtt.. Idk i just reaaaallyy want to do that xcc (7-22 22:22)
  • Fungirl99000: and trip and fall and embarrass yourself x( (7-22 22:36)
  • JeonJakook: XD welp that would most likely happen at least once (7-22 22:37)
2018-7-12 13:28 Reply|
I'm crying Lisa is the most adorable girl ever       help
2018-7-10 12:35 Reply|
I totally ship Jin and Jisoo  
  • Fungirl99000: Wait, is Jisoo a Blackpink member? And why do ye ship them? xD (7-8 00:19)
  • MidnightEscape: Yea, she's a BlackPink member. And, they just belong together   (7-8 14:30)
2018-7-6 20:59 Reply|

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