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My first story blog

Hot 6Viewed 323 times2017-9-26 11:36 |Personal category:Story Blogs

Well, hello there everyone!

I just discovered this handy-dandy thing and thought of using it for my story sneak-peaks in the future and possibly for fashion-related things and games probably ( we shall see what I'll have time for these are all just ideas right now uwu ). 

Anyhow, as the title says I'll give you a short story sneak-peak this time ( if you followed my story-related threads you'll know how long the sneak-peaks were lel ) and I hope you'll like it :) 
Here it is then: 

 I turned the necklace image to the others and Stella immediately yelled out what I thought of previously. Of course she would be the first to realize this.

“You….You have the same one!”

Arabella was looking at me weirdly.

“Well, what’ so big about a necklace? Does it say what it does?”

We turned the book upside down from reading, but there was only short mentions of it being magical and nothing else.

“If we wanna find out more we won’t be able to from here.”

Terence said, flying in empty-handed.

“He’s right. You can’t possibly have ancient Never Sea legends in your library….which means….someone has to somehow sneak into my kingdom’s palace and go to the royal library and take a few books….which is impossible because none of us are mermaids.”

The queen had stepped out with the ministers and we hadn’t even noticed. She flew back in alone and spoke, and then we noticed she hadn’t been there at all.

“Oh, your majesty...What’s the matter?”

She put her leaf journal down on the table.

“I think we’ve done plenty for today, it’s almost midnight. Let’s all go get some sleep and we’ll continue discussing this matter tomorrow morning, alright?”

We all nodded and we each flew to our homes, leaving Arabella at the palace as a royal guest.

Well, I hope you like this ( I'm sorry I couldn't exactly quote it because of the quotation marks button not being present here but I found a way :3).

Thanks so much for reading, and next up I'll share with you in a new blog some things about fashion for autumn in Pixie Hollow, and what I hear is hot and trending right now in the pixie realms - I'll also include some of my favorite clothing on other fairies that are suitable for this weather ( I'll probably include some of you and some fairies from the old Hollow, so please make sure to check this out!). 

Now, I shall leave you to the text above and to what I hope is a better weather than mine right now - it's raining here  - so yeah, thank  you once again and don't mind any mistakes made it's literally my first time using this.

~ Juni 

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Reply Jasper 2017-9-26 12:16
AAAAAHHH can't wait to read more!
Reply PrincessKawaii 2017-9-26 15:46
Jasper: AAAAAHHH can't wait to read more!
Heheh, you will patience ma boi :P
Reply Lorella 2017-9-26 16:01
I can't wait to read your story. Also i have an account on Wattpad. my username is Lorellatwinkle. if you want to follow me.
Reply PrincessKawaii 2017-9-26 16:43
Lorella: I can't wait to read your story. Also i have an account on Wattpad. my username is Lorellatwinkle. if you want to follow me.
I'll be sure to take a look and if you have Pixie Hollow - related stories or something that's family-friendly written over there, I'll add it on a special reading list for your stuff only on the official FairyABC Wattpad. Thanks :)

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