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It's Stella
Hobbyist writer. Could be a writer for a living. Aspiring artist in general. Socially awkward. INFP.

I write fanfiction for fun. While I do post monthly excerpts of my stuff, I refrain from posting direct links to the full pieces. PM me for the complete versions of my work if you're interested.

Feel free to say hi in the comments. I don't bite. In fact, I'm a really big dork in-game.

Done by me.
July's Excerpt
Even now, Terra’s not sure why she’s suddenly so sure of what to do, but something, the feeling of drinking everything in about Lightning, the tattoo, her… it leads her to raise a hand, to reach toward the brand. The thumps of her wild heartbeat are all she hears, and the closer her hand goes, the hastier she feels.

She remembers a lingering piece of advice Lightning gave her once. Training day. Trying out her blade on dummies that seemed to be caricatures of silhouettes. ‘Never let yourself hesitate.’

Before Terra knows it, she’s made contact. The brand feels just as she expected. Crystalline, callous, cold. Like unbreakable frost.

She’s surprised Lightning doesn’t throw out some harsh reprimand or slap her hand away or doesn’t even look… angry. It’s like she’s looking at a mirror of herself, actually. And as Terra feels herself boil, skin flushing and defying the rain’s frigidity, she feels Lightning’s grip on her tighten again.
And then it all happens, almost too quickly for Terra to coherently process.

Lightning’s captured Terra’s lips with unbridled focus, her arms wrapping around Terra’s crescent-bending waist. Without thinking, Terra gives into the kiss, her hands cupping Lightning’s dripping chin with seraphic grace.
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HappyDerp 2020-5-23 19:56
Hey Stella! I miss you dude!
Torrine 2018-11-18 01:30
OMG is your profile picture from Precure?? :D
ihaveausername 2018-10-6 16:29
Woah, such a bold and beautiful page color scheme!
SeaWeedLaver 2018-10-2 20:57
I love your page and Cure Blossom!
Starreyes 2018-8-14 12:59
Your page is absolutely stunning  
SIA_18 2018-8-3 15:00
Love you babe  
Cookies 2018-7-7 17:24
Solariopa: SALAD HI creative writing is wild, IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME but i love doing it uitjhiujthi
I BELIEVE IN YOU STELS! Your writing is literally so good, I know you got this <3
anastasia-lock 2018-7-3 13:24
Solariopa: Ayyyy np np and same goes to you <3
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