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And don't think I'm trying to cause drama about the hacker stuff just because I can't provide solid proof, because I have amazing friends here. I would never cause trouble for such a terrible desire.
2017-9-5 00:49 Reply|
If they manage to report me in any way by making it look like I'm breaking the rules, I urge the admins to delve deeper into the matter.
2017-9-5 00:43 Reply|
With regards to the events going on lately, I genuinely believe there's a hacker pulling the strings. They may just try to get me reported next for saying this.
2017-9-5 00:39 Reply|
Oml, when was the last time I stayed up all night and only got four hours of sleep...
2017-9-3 11:46 Reply|
Our spirit grows stronger with each conflict we step up to, doesn't it?
2017-9-3 00:23 Reply|
Mwhahaha, I got someone else into RWBY! >:D
2017-9-2 16:20 Reply|
School is currently hogging up my life, just like all of us. :C
2017-8-30 07:36 Reply|
I'm on mobile and I have a mobile charger at school. C:
2017-8-28 11:37 Reply|
I leave for school in 20 mins. I'll be fine, but man, does it take a lot of time. School. Is. Too. Long.
  • Cookies: TBH ITS SO LONG (8-29 21:03)
2017-8-28 08:38 Reply|
Can I just say that cats, dogs, bunnies, and guinea pigs are the cutest things in the world? My parents still call my guinea pig a rat...
  • LabsNotDabs✨: FROGS ARE CUTEST! (8-28 00:19)
  • Solariopa: LOTS OF ANIMALS ARE CUTE! There's too many to list D: (8-28 07:38)
  • LabsNotDabs✨: I agree. Animals are just lovely! (8-28 14:49)
  • beanytomo: GUINEA PIGS ARE THE CUUUUUTEST THO❤ they're my fav animal (8-29 10:01)
2017-8-27 23:14 Reply|
I am literally cosplaying as Ruby Rose rn. On the run from Tyrian...
2017-8-27 14:33 Reply|
oml oml school is tomorrow. Tbh it's not that I hate school, I just hate how the system works. Memorize unit, knowledge/grades based on memorization, do a test you never return to, repeat for a year.
2017-8-27 10:16 Reply|
Now that I caught up with RWBY, I have to endure some of the long wait for volume 5 ;w;. One more month...
2017-8-27 00:52 Reply|
2017-8-26 16:12 Reply|
Wait, I'm a talent master? O snap.
2017-8-25 10:13 Reply|
I ate some chocolate cake. Yum.
2017-8-23 14:00 Reply|
Continuing, we got to look in a telescope, and we SAW IT AT ITS PEAK. We came just at the right time, after waiting outside in the heat for an hour.
  • Cookies: Did the temperature drop (8-22 19:55)
  • Solariopa: Yes, thank goodness (8-22 20:05)
2017-8-21 14:35 Reply|
OUR PARTIAL ECLIPSE WAS AMAZING. We got a fruit loops cereal box to use as a projection of sorts. We had to borrow some glasses to see it by looking at it.
2017-8-21 14:33 Reply|
I will be on mobile today for the next hours or so as I'll be going out to see the eclipse.
2017-8-21 09:56 Reply|
YAY! We're going to a place to get glasses for the solar eclipse and watch it--all for free!
  • Cookies: THAT'S SO GREAT! I wish I can come along lol (8-20 13:23)
2017-8-19 16:25 Reply|

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