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It's Stella
Hobbyist writer. Could be a writer for a living. Aspiring artist in general. Socially awkward. INFP.

I write fanfiction for fun. While I do post monthly excerpts of my stuff, I refrain from posting direct links to the full pieces. PM me for the complete versions of my work if you're interested.

Feel free to say hi in the comments. I don't bite. In fact, I'm a really big dork in-game.

Done by me. Thread link.
August's Excerpt
“Everything was right in your grasp.” He cocks his head forward, between the x-shape of his dual swords as Kain struggles to maintain his guard. “You could have chosen his path and not this one ridden with typical dragoon treachery and deceit. You could have had it all, his spoils, his riches. But you refused and knelt to the deceiving idea of nobility, and now you have nothing.”

Gabranth expects the clench in Kain’s jaw as he easily forces him several steps back, soon countless steps until Kain’s back is pushed against the wall of some century-old, tilted pillar. What he does not expect is the sudden upsurge of Kain’s head, the retreating shadows that his helm cast on his face as narrow, amethyst eyes greet him. Kissed by dim, crimson light, they are the mirrors of a clouded yet clean soul, vicious and sharp.

Hot breath dances between them, and even as blood still pours from Kain’s wound, his arm still has yet to start going limp.
“Perhaps I’ll never have any of those things.” There's a curt twist of chipped lips as his guard finally breaks while his arm limpens and Gabranth’s weapons come dangerously close to bisecting the supple skin of his neck. Anger weaves into Kain’s expression and lifelong vices race across his tightening face, eager and yearning and ready to tear into something.

Gabranth sneers. “Why not? Do you not feel that you deserve those treasures, Highwind? Do you not wish that you had something?”

“I do.” There is no hitch of uncertainty in his tone, no waver in his form, but the rage remains, thirsty for payback. “I may not have his spoils, his riches. I may not have his praise and his glory. But I have my choices, my future. I have my own life to tend to, as unhonorable as it may be in comparison to his. I still have time.”
  • Just posted my August fanfiction excerpt on my page. Feel free to read. <3 Reply
  • I remember the days when I still did Stella Style. I doubt I will ever continue Stella Style or continue a line of my fashion styles, but either way... those were the days. Reply
  • I'm upset that my first year of college will be virtual only </3... I hate quarantine. Reply
  • I can't believe how active I used to be on here sometimes. Time sure flies. Reply
  • Planning a novel-length fanfiction. Not gonna specify the fandom, but just thought I'd let everyone know. I've been a little bored lately here; might as well kill the time doing something productive. Reply
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HappyDerp 2020-5-23 19:56
Hey Stella! I miss you dude!
Torrine 2018-11-18 01:30
OMG is your profile picture from Precure?? :D
ihaveausername 2018-10-6 16:29
Woah, such a bold and beautiful page color scheme!
SeaWeedLaver 2018-10-2 20:57
I love your page and Cure Blossom!
Starreyes 2018-8-14 12:59
Your page is absolutely stunning  
SIA_18 2018-8-3 15:00
Love you babe  
Cookies 2018-7-7 17:24
Solariopa: SALAD HI creative writing is wild, IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME but i love doing it uitjhiujthi
I BELIEVE IN YOU STELS! Your writing is literally so good, I know you got this <3
anastasia-lock 2018-7-3 13:24
Solariopa: Ayyyy np np and same goes to you <3
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