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My profile is just about one of the nerdiest things I've ever had right now.
2019-1-27 00:44 Reply|
I want to art, but finals and a lack of motivation are making that hard.
2018-12-9 21:06 Reply|
Um, okay, yeah wow I've posted some angsty stuff here.
2018-12-9 20:23 Reply|
Finals is suffering
2018-12-9 20:22 Reply|
I'm bored.
2018-8-27 20:23 Reply|
I m o n c h t h e b r e a d
2018-8-27 20:19 Reply|
*wants my data restored* #restoreNora'sData2k17 #IalreadyEmailednoResponse
  • Fungirl99000: I hope you get your data back :'( (11-21 00:02)
  • Nora: I never did :/ (8-27 20:19)
2017-11-20 11:10 Reply|
*slowly waiting for my data to be restored so I can go back to retirement*
2017-9-22 17:24 Reply|
NaBro. ~Sodium Bromide
2017-9-22 17:12 Reply|
2017-9-6 00:54 Reply|
Update: after today I am leaving forever. I will not return. Goodbye.
2017-9-5 20:10 Reply|
Okay well I am not quitting fabc immediately. I have to finish a few edits associated with fabc and then I am leaving. Any series that I have started will go unfinished. Goodbye.
2017-9-5 04:16 Reply|
  • Nora: lol yes i am (1-27 16:24)
2017-8-28 20:20 Reply|
Shaquille O'Feel
  • Nora: *claps like a weirdo* (8-3 02:29)
2017-7-6 20:58 Reply|
If Shaquille O'neal was overly emotional he'd be...
2017-7-6 20:58 Reply|
If Shaquille O'neal was a banana he'd be Shaquille O'Peel
2017-7-6 20:57 Reply|
If Shaquille O'neal was a criminal he'd be Shaquillie O'Steal
2017-7-6 20:57 Reply|
Shaquille O'Teal
2017-7-6 20:56 Reply|
If Shaquille O'neal was a shade of blue-green he'd be...
2017-7-6 20:56 Reply|
Steak puns are rarely well done
2017-7-6 20:55 Reply|

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