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Share About me (updated)
2018-8-27 21:21
Hi, I'm Nora; A nerd from some corner of the internet. I'm an aspiring artist, writer, and computer nerd. I enjoy telling witty jokes that are really dad jokes and listening to remixes of a certain song on repeat.divdivbr/divdivI'm also accepting the first three requests I recieve, and so ...
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Share So You Want To Make Awesome 2D Edits: Lesson one: Colors
2017-6-13 16:02
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Share Edits No Longer on Hiatus
2017-5-13 11:14
The glitch was fixed. I can now make edits again. Have a kitten.
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Share Concerning Edits
2017-5-9 02:32
My edits are currently on hiatus until an in-game glitch that will not allow me to get online is fixed. I will still accept requests as long as your fairy has their wings and is on transparency.
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Share About Me
2017-2-5 04:52
I am Nora, an administrator of this website as most of you already know. But I am here to tell you a few things you may not know about me. My favorite movie is frozen. My favorite color is pink My favorite song is let it go. My favorite fairy is Silvermist. I love to read. I am a techie. I c ...
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Share Why Haven't I Made A Blog?
2016-10-21 03:04
Well now I have :3. I also have no idea what to say here so I will make it a hello blog.... I guess xD. Hello to all other blogs! :p
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