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It is funny, isn't it? When you forget how to talk and make friends IRL because you've spent so long thinking about what others think of you. You just stop functioning like a normal person ...
2019-12-5 19:49 Reply|
I am back  
  • Jasper: Welcome back :) (10-10 23:13)
  • Azolla: Thankss jasper :D (12-5 19:15)
2019-10-9 16:25 Reply|
Yay! I am a pixie pal now  
2017-12-4 15:27 Reply|
I am having trouble with a bunch of people at school;I hardly know them and they call me names to see my reaction. I ignore them;What do I do? I can't tell a teacher because it's very humiliating[em:2 ...
  • Jasper: The best thing you can do is smile and show them that their words can't break you. Keep doing you. But if you need to tell a teacher, you can always ask for it to be handled privately (10-5 20:38)
2017-10-5 14:04 Reply|
:) Hi! How are you doing?
  • beanytomo: doing swell gurl, hbu? (9-26 13:51)
2017-9-25 13:36 Reply|

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