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mistydew15: MEMES
2019-4-14 09:59 Reply|
eleanorpixie: Gotta admit my mental state been going down these weeks. But I found hope when I read about starting a new life, a new identity. I want to start from healthy diet and plenty of old hobbies :)
  • Villiana: Yesss you go girl! I'm glad you're directing yourself on a more positive path. <3 (5-1 16:08)
  • eleanorpixie: Thank you, I appreciate your support! May your days be positive too! :) <3 (5-13 01:18)
2019-4-11 09:30 Reply|
cosmoetic✧・゚: ugh
2019-4-11 00:04 Reply|
arianator3942: I am making a cosplay album just for AG cosplays. from now on I'll put those there. Currently i gotta sacrifice some pics ( in ag pics case i got them most if not all saved on my computer)
2019-4-9 03:43 Reply|
arianator3942: if you come by my cosplay album, and notice many gone, especially the AG ones, it is because i am removing them to get mroe attatchment space, however...
2019-4-9 03:42 Reply|
QuietSerenity: The first song on my page's playlist keeps stopping and then i have to go in and re-add it   getting really irritated cause I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
2019-4-7 20:58 Reply|
QuietSerenity: Back from a very long hiatus,, ngl I kinda forgot about this site. Trying to remember how to work it
2019-4-7 14:41 Reply|
Fuffeedoo1: WHAT I GOT 90 SUBSCRIBERS?????? Just wow. Thank you!
2019-4-7 14:00 Reply|
arianator3942: Upcoming album, I'm still gonna put my ariana grande cosplays in my current cosplay album as well, but since I adore her so much, I am making a seperate cosplay album just for AG cosplays :)
2019-4-6 16:48 Reply|
SwordKnight: Just thought if anyone is up for music making, take fruity loop into account. It's magic.
2019-4-5 03:01 Reply|
eleanorpixie: It's funny when I opened my mic chat and guys would go like "You're a girl?? I thought you're a guy!!" How rare can girl gamers be :/
2019-4-5 01:55 Reply|
tvgirr: I've been so tired lately, It's like all I can do is sleep.  
2019-4-4 13:54 Reply|
Navya: Its time to celebrate my birthday  
  • WinterSparkle: Happy birthday! (4-4 20:55)
  • Navya: Thank You WinterSparkle..    (4-5 01:19)
  • arianator3942: happy belated birthday (4-9 00:12)
  • Navya: Thank You Robin (4-22 01:34)
2019-4-4 06:26 Reply|
Rachshanin: Tik Tock: WorldofTwilight
2019-4-4 03:41 Reply|
louiselouisa: i just finished the second book in the children of eden series today,,, i'm on the third book now and i'm shook skdjfhkjsdf
2019-4-3 22:23 Reply|
Rachshanin: What kind of stories do yall wanna read from me? It has to be PH related. Ill be posting the stories on wattpad, facebook and on here.
2019-4-3 03:00 Reply|
Rachshanin: Yall, I have a wattpad for stories even though i kinda hate wattpad ; ;  Link: https://www.wattpad.com/user/WorldofTwilight
2019-4-2 22:15 Reply|
Rachshanin: Happy International Mermaid Day :)
2019-3-29 16:59 Reply|
Rachshanin: Extremely disappointed. I been waiting a few months for a Ariel Wreck It Ralph outfit to be in stock and It got in stock last week and my mom ordered me a size L. (it was either that or small) and the ...
2019-3-28 21:02 Reply|
Flouve: I feel bad for ignoring this site maybe this time i'll be more active
2019-3-25 17:29 Reply|

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