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CelestialNebby: It's been so long. I'm happy to see this place still going strong ^^ I just log in randomly to check up on any new updates and some friends I've made. Oh, I'm still shy to talk in the Hollow it seems.
2019-3-7 02:17 Reply|
Pruinea: My teeth are so sore, I can't even close my mouth all the way...  
2019-3-5 14:42 Reply|
MoonChildPotter: My goal is to reach Minister by my Birthday this month. 305 more points to go! ❤️
2019-3-3 22:30 Reply|
mistydew15: I saw the new HTTYD movie in bad quality    But it was really good but kinda sad.
2019-2-27 21:11 Reply|
Daisygarden: Feeling a bit down and worried about a friend. *sigh* But also looking forward for tonight - I get to volunteer at the library for the first time, woop!
2019-2-27 15:55 Reply|
Torrine: Recently (by recently I mean since like October) I've been super into Yu-Gi-Oh and have not been active on here very much... lol. I <3 Thiefshipping, Violetshipping, Puzzleshipping, and Shrimpshipping ...
2019-2-26 19:57 Reply|
Pruinea: I asked my mom and she says it's happening on Sunday.  
2019-2-25 16:59 Reply|
Daisygarden: Random question! What's your favorite song at the moment? One of MY favorites is God Bless You by FT Island! It's just so amazing and the music vid is so funny. XD
2019-2-25 16:20 Reply|
Fungirl99000: Lol I'm bored
2019-2-23 20:56 Reply|
DelicateDeer: So much inspiration, so little motivation  
2019-2-23 20:22 Reply|
Pruinea: I am going to the dentist sometime this week to get my braces adjusted again...*Sigh*  
2019-2-23 16:30 Reply|
MidnightEscape: Broken inside...
2019-2-21 21:32 Reply|
WinterSparkle: Currently in a different country so that's why I'm not on. I miss this place a lot. Also, timezones, these things are definitely not my friend lol
2019-2-21 00:27 Reply|
MoonChildPotter: Trying to unlock Rosalina in Mario Kart. Final cup, last race only to get second place! Grrrrrrrrrrrr x.x
  • Jasper: I had to up my skills like CRAZY in Mario Kart to unlock Dry Bowser. Wasn't allowed to hit any walls etc. (2-19 18:40)
  • MoonChildPotter: Ahhh! You unlocked him right? ;) (2-24 20:50)
2019-2-18 23:28 Reply|
Avery168: I am now finally a Talent Master! Yay!
  • DelicateDeer: Woo! Welcome to the Talent Master club!   (2-19 19:46)
2019-2-18 11:56 Reply|
Avery168: I'm posting three activities so I can level up... I hope I'm not spamming. But the next activity is actually something I should post about so yeah.  
2019-2-18 11:56 Reply|
Avery168: So how was Valentine's Day? Or as I like to call it... Thursday.
2019-2-18 11:53 Reply|
louiselouisa: just spent an hour fixing my space and the space on my other account because they got reset :))
2019-2-18 11:42 Reply|
Daisygarden: Have a great long weekend, if you live in certain areas of the world! If you don't have a long weekend, have a great week! <3
  • Villiana: Always so thoughtful, :P Thank you! I hope you have an amazing long weekend too, I can't believe it's ending so soon. ;-; But hey, gotta make the most of it right? <3 (2-17 21:37)
  • DelicateDeer: I’m lucky enough to have this whole week off!  Hope you enjoy your break, too! <3 (2-17 22:07)
  • Daisygarden: Ohhh, you have reading week? Luckyyy, girl! xD You enjoy all that time off! <33 And thank you!! (2-18 10:08)
  • Daisygarden: Ack, sorry for the late reply! And :P Hehe, exactly! Gotta make the most of any breaks we can get. XD (2-20 21:41)
2019-2-17 18:12 Reply|
NovaWyvern: I still pop in a lot and yet I'm more of a lurker    Sometimes it's just hard to get yourself in the social mood! I still think you all are amazing~  
2019-2-17 00:55 Reply|

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