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mistydew15: I finished school on June 6th! GET READY FOR ME BEING ACTIVE AGAIN!
2019-6-10 10:51 Reply|
beanytomo: I lived.
  • Villiana: Keep on living.<3 (6-11 23:33)
2019-6-6 20:23 Reply|
WinterSparkle: Eeeek! I am going to see GOT7 on July 10th!!! I am really excited  
  • Butterflies: You are soooo lucky!!! Have fun!! (6-14 14:40)
  • WinterSparkle: Thank you very much! :D (6-15 14:33)
  • Butterflies: You're welcome hehe<3 (6-21 12:58)
  • beanytomo: IM SO JEALOUS!!! (6-15 16:24)
  • WinterSparkle: Come with me~~~~ You can have my dad's ticket :)) (6-21 18:55)
  • beanytomo: I would so take u up on that but CA is on the other side of the country TT.TT (6-22 00:53)
  • WinterSparkle: No~ Fly your way over here! It cant take that long to fly over the whole country right? Just Spread spread your wings~! (6-28 14:10)
  • beanytomo: one day! (6-29 19:56)
2019-6-1 13:52 Reply|
SIA_18: Heeey everyonneee it's been a min    IT"S YA GIRL SIIIAAA back in town ya know?? Ah. I've been gone for so long. All I have to say is. Junior year and school. Plus family and friends and luna lol ...
  • Villiana: HI SIAAAA- missed you a bunch and love you to pieces, hmu on messenger or even here, I have t e a to s p i l l <333 (6-2 06:20)
  • Cookies: it's been a hot min LOL hii sia, hope both of you are ok and well <3 (6-2 18:26)
2019-6-1 09:51 Reply|
Rachshanin: Which talent should fangscast get next? The next fairy info will be below :) She likes night time so she is a night person. She likes to star gaze and she also likes anything with stars and galaxy an ...
2019-5-30 02:46 Reply|
louiselouisa: also sorry i've been a little inactive this month, school has been Crazy but my exams ended last week so i'll be more active now!! : )
2019-5-29 15:04 Reply|
louiselouisa: can't believe i missed my 2 year fabc anniversary sjkdfhjshdfdf seriously though, i can't believe i joined fairyabc over two years ago !!
2019-5-28 21:51 Reply|
Fuffeedoo1: Now I got 100 subscribers! I wish I had a gift for y'all but I don't. :( I had to delay one of my videos due to a sore throat but I'm back on track now!
2019-5-28 20:24 Reply|
WinterSparkle: I wanted to switch up my page before I turn in my computer but I dont think I will be able to. I never realized how good I am at procrastinating until now.
2019-5-28 19:20 Reply|
Torrine: I'm going to go to Disneyland on Wednesday with the person I've had a crush on for almost 2 years... none of my other friends are going and I'M SO EXCITED AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
  • Villiana: AAAAA- HAVE FUNNN <333 (5-28 22:32)
2019-5-26 16:29 Reply|
Jasper: ∂яινιиg вα¢кωαя∂ѕ υρ α σиє ωαу
2019-5-25 18:46 Reply|
Twili~: Zoe theme! If you don't know who she is, https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Zoe
2019-5-22 15:40 Reply|
NovaWyvern: Lately I've been getting into Furbys...and even made a custom one inspired by a fairy! Ended up having someone commission me for one which is amazing!!!
2019-5-19 20:07 Reply|
juno30: this has been the roughest month ever :'/
2019-5-17 19:46 Reply|
allie1723: I figured out how to add music to my page yesssssssss
2019-5-17 13:55 Reply|
smallapple403: sometimes i think about living a simple yet happy life instead of making $$ also i changed my theme
2019-5-14 21:09 Reply|
allie1723: I'm gonna go play some Smash Ultimate
2019-5-14 15:51 Reply|
coffeecup: Been drawing cakes and desserts! Was a pleasure using color pencils, a mind therapy for anxiety <3
2019-5-13 14:47 Reply|
2019-5-9 19:58 Reply|
Jasper: тнιиgѕ тнαт ¢αииσт ѕρєαк
2019-5-7 18:18 Reply|

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