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louiselouisa: listening to imagine dragons & logging on to the game for 2017 Nostalgia™
  • Jasper: Wow mood (3-23 19:59)
2020-3-22 23:39
Lava: SO, It's been a little over two years, yikes! Anyways, LIFE UPDATE I guess. I am currently a character attendant at Disney World now as well as a Scareactor over at Universal. Wooooo!!!
  • Jasper: Thriveee my friend! <333 (3-23 19:58)
  • Lava: I literally love you so much! <3 (3-23 23:09)
2020-3-22 04:23
Fungirl99000: Dude someone was literally banned for "having Tinkerbell as pfp" istg I'm going to throw hands pretty soon
2020-3-20 22:14
Villiana: page updated, pfp should be updated tomorrow
2020-3-20 17:21
Fungirl99000: Wonho's name has been cleared. I repeat, Wonho's name has been cleared.
2020-3-14 15:23
MoonChildPotter: Didn't get far on my next chapter but edited a few of the previous ones... Baby steps... ^_^
2020-3-9 23:54
moondust: Well, cinnamon sticks. It's been forever. (◕︿◕✿)
2020-3-9 18:24
Fungirl99000: I also saw someone banned because their users were in Japanese and Korean. That's bizarre. Ain't no rule breaking there that I see, come on. If it's cause you think it might be bad, translate it first
2020-3-7 00:14
Fungirl99000: Wow, as if human picture banning was bad enough. Now "human names" in users are punishable by permanent ban as well. Don't get it one bit.
  • louiselouisa: human names are banned now?? (3-17 12:24)
  • Fungirl99000: Someone with the username "Dannydevitoe" was banned and the reason said "no human names." Like bruh nobody told me bout this, it's getting out of hand (3-17 17:22)
  • Fungirl99000: Pffft ikr (3-17 23:37)
2020-3-7 00:12
Dresses24: whoa its been forever reply if u are still alive hahaha
2020-3-3 13:01
berries: if you're reading this, its 2020 berry... haven't been here on a while and im heartbroken to say the least at the condition of what is left of this once amazing site. made beautiful memories and met w ...
2020-2-26 20:55
Lauren09231566: hellooooo :)
2020-2-20 21:31
Fungirl99000: Monsta X's new English album slaps sorry I don't make the rules
2020-2-14 18:45
Fungirl99000: I change my mind. Even if yall have already gotten a drawing from me you can go ahead and request again.
2020-2-9 23:43
louiselouisa: so... if the domain never gets renewed we better have some legendary fashion cons and parties in random stores like 2017 again before the site goes down :')
2020-2-4 21:31
louiselouisa: my space is still kinda under construction but the purple is back !!
2020-1-30 23:57
Springbrook: I’m bored to death but I have so much to do...
2020-1-30 22:23
Fungirl99000: I've been trying to improve my 3d editing skills. Does the one on my page header look good, like I might have improved or nah?
  • Villiana: G U R L my jaw dropped, it looks amazinggg!! what do you use? you're skilled, can't wait to see more! <3 (2-9 23:21)
  • Fungirl99000: Thank you so much!! ;; I use FireAlpaca for everything I do that's art related, including the edits :3 (2-9 23:41)
2020-1-28 02:36
Daisygarden: Happy Monday, everyone!
2020-1-27 13:23
Fungirl99000: Restock the magics...
2020-1-24 02:34

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