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louiselouisa: yesterday was my birthday!! :)
  • Fungirl99000: Hey so I know I'm a whole 23 days late but I noticed nobody here wished you a happy birthday so HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY HUN! (1-31 01:18)
  • louiselouisa: thank you so much!!! :) (1-31 22:34)
2020-1-8 22:50 Reply|
Fungirl99000: Let's have a moment of silence for the art requests I got from 2017 that I was too lazy to ever finish
2020-1-2 19:56 Reply|
Fungirl99000: One month and 22 days has passed and still no ability to create group chats.
2020-1-2 03:53 Reply|
WinterSparkle: I said that last time I logged in, but what's new on FABC? I feel like I missed a lot
  • WinterSparkle: Wow, Im honestly surprised. I remember how active this place used to be, I wonder what happened... (1-2 19:27)
  • WinterSparkle: Yeah it is upsetting, but it is also a little bit concerning. I hope one day they will all come back and this website would flourish once more. (1-5 02:18)
  • WinterSparkle: I know right! It's so weird, like back then there was so much happening and now there is nothing going on. I'm really hoping that changes. (1-6 22:06)
2019-12-29 12:40 Reply|
WinterSparkle: It's been way too long since I last logged in lol
2019-12-29 12:38 Reply|
louiselouisa: merry christmas!!! :)
2019-12-25 10:43 Reply|
samebert: I'm back home for winter break and I put out a new video!!!! Go check it out if you'd like:):) https://youtu.be/yc22mL1WYkk
2019-12-16 02:34 Reply|
louiselouisa: moshi monsters shut down... this is so sad :(
  • Villiana: aaaa omg... ;-; (12-22 13:14)
2019-12-14 00:03 Reply|
MoonChildPotter: Just got Disney+ so if I'm not on, ya know why! Lizzie McGuire here I come!  
2019-12-6 23:35 Reply|
Azolla: It is funny, isn't it? When you forget how to talk and make friends IRL because you've spent so long thinking about what others think of you. You just stop functioning like a normal person ...
2019-12-5 19:49 Reply|
Daisygarden: I am obsessed with Obsession.  
2019-12-4 11:59 Reply|
Torrine: Having issues with my laptop’s graphics and it’s just too hard to fix. Oof.
2019-11-30 01:47 Reply|
Torrine: Just realized I DID NOT mention this crush in any of my old activities—oof. I wasn’t really active on here when I first began to like him. I really need to be more active but I’ve been...
2019-11-30 01:46 Reply|
Fungirl99000: Hi it's my birthday. I'm officially 16  
  • juno30: happy birthday !!   (11-29 23:20)
  • Jasper: Happy belated birthday - hope it was great (12-1 01:46)
2019-11-27 22:36 Reply|
Jasper: ι'νє вєєи тяуιиg fσя ѕσ ℓσиg тσ ѕιиg уσυ тнє яιgнт ѕσиg
2019-11-27 20:24 Reply|
Springbrook: Si vous lisez ceci, vous connaissez le français ou avez utilisé un service de traduction en ligne. Je t'ai eu.
  • Jasper: La question est, connaissez-vous le français ou avez-vous utilisé un traducteur en ligne? ;)) (11-27 20:23)
  • Springbrook: Je connais assez bien le français pour lire votre réponse sans service de traduction. Mais pas assez bien pour écrire une réponse. (11-29 13:27)
2019-11-27 01:15 Reply|
Torrine: I can barely even comprehend that he feels the same—it feels like a wonderful dream
  • Villiana: happy for you toad!~ (11-26 17:43)
2019-11-24 02:15 Reply|
Torrine: So umm... BIG UPDATE TIME You know the crush I’ve mentioned in so many of my previous activity logs? Well, yesterday, I told him that I like him , and HE LIKES ME BACK!!!!
  • Jasper: you are sooo lucky girl - cherish him ;w; (11-24 20:40)
2019-11-24 02:15 Reply|
Daisygarden: A precious furry friend of mine had to get put down today. I'm still in shock and I keep crying. I hate death.
  • Villiana: *hugs* (11-26 17:39)
  • Daisygarden: *hugs back* She'll be missed so much. </3 (11-27 15:07)
2019-11-22 18:40 Reply|
Fungirl99000: Bruh Wonho still isn't back. I'mma throw hands if they don't let him return to Monsta X soon
2019-11-19 17:59 Reply|

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