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Jasper: иσ ℓєѕѕ тнαи ℓιgнт
2020-6-9 16:50
Lava: UPDATE: The drawing was a success! Now the question is, what to work on next.... If you have any ideas please tell me!!!!
2020-6-8 01:45
Daisygarden: *slides into room* Go listen to Baekhyun's new song, Candy.    The MV is amazing. *slides out*
2020-6-1 19:53
Lava: Do you ever have that feeling of freshly cut hair and its so soft you cannot stop touching it...?!?! *touches hair five more times*
2020-5-23 01:18
Lava: Well, I finally updated my page xD I'm actually really happy with it! It's the complete opposite of what it used to be... OOPS
2020-5-20 06:18
Jasper: ℓσѕє тнє вαттℓє, ωιи тнє ωαя
2020-5-18 21:18
Lava: SO, I started drawing again! Lately it's been portraits of my friends and I. I'm really excited about the one I just started on. Hopefully it turns out good and they like it!!! *fingers crossed*
2020-5-15 17:09
Fungirl99000: Is Adobe flash really shutting down? Or is that just a rumor? There's stuff everywhere that uses it. If it really is then I'm going to be ticked off
  • Jasper: Meant to reply to this 2 weeks ago and you probably already have your answer by now lol but yes it's shutting down. (5-28 18:46)
2020-5-14 16:49
Jasper: єνєяутнιиg'ѕ ∂ιffєяєит, иσтнιиg'ѕ ¢нαиgє∂
2020-5-11 14:46
Fungirl99000: Weird login glitch spotted. Is anyone going to do anything about it? Probably not because it just be like that.
2020-5-10 22:17
EmmaB4848: hey y'all i haven't been on here for forever! just wanted to say that i miss you all so much <333
  • Villiana: emmaa!! i missed youuu, how have you been? i hope you're doing well during this pandemic, sending love and prayers your way. <3 (5-7 11:09)
  • EmmaB4848: i've been good! school has been really annoying since it's online but i graduate really soon! how are you! i miss talking with you! <3 (5-21 22:14)
  • Villiana: aaa early congrats on grad!! i'm doing good! just enjoying the last few days of ramadan before eid. i miss talking with you too! <3 (5-22 17:45)
2020-5-6 11:05
MiaSugarglow: page update owo...
2020-5-1 19:24
IvyDaisysprout: zzzzz hello sorry im always on and off like once every couple of months! i get sooo busy so easily
2020-4-26 16:45
louiselouisa: hello everyone!! so sorry i haven't been on in a few weeks, this whole maxthon thing has been a bit confusing but i should be more active now! just need to get used to using another browser haha
  • Jasper: Yeah Maxthon is a little weird.... I liken it to Internet Explorer lol (4-25 14:38)
  • louiselouisa: yeah, i'm still trying to figure out how to add fairyabc to my favorites jkshdkfjhsdk (4-29 23:11)
2020-4-25 13:33
greywolf: uhhhhhhh fairyabc comeback when?????? tomorrow baby :)
  • Jasper: Here we go boiiiisss (4-25 14:38)
2020-4-24 22:31
Jasper: After days of work and weeks of planning... My page is finally flipped ;D
2020-4-20 20:45
Snowie: Page finally finished ll Feeling Accomplished !
2020-4-15 04:32
Fungirl99000: So Wonho is back as a soloist now. Aight, so we all just gonna ignore the fact that we're gonna have to watch Mx promote as 6 forever? I mean I'm so happy he's back but :|
2020-4-12 00:10
MiaSugarglow: i really do be simpin over a certain someone....<3
  • Jasper: i really do be wondering Who That Is... :)) (4-10 02:18)
2020-4-10 01:50
Jasper: ∂σ уσυ ѕєє ωнαт ι ѕєє?
2020-3-31 17:44

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