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louiselouisa: ok my account is working again so i don't have to use maxthon anymore !! yeehaw
  • Villiana: We're so happy to have you back! (I love your page & profile picture by the way) <3 (7-31 17:41)
  • louiselouisa: aww thank you!! (8-26 14:25)
  • Jasper: Me happily throwing Maxthon in the trash bin (8-5 12:18)
  • louiselouisa: sdkjfhkjsd same (8-26 14:25)
2020-7-31 12:44
Flouve: lol im here  
2020-7-31 08:08
wavesup: Finally finished my forum page makeover! What do u guys think?  
  • Jasper: Looking awesome, Acorn. I love the purple. (7-26 15:13)
  • wavesup: Ty Jas! I knew you would. #THEKINGOFPURPLE (9-1 16:11)
  • MysticBeam: Your page looks amazing Acorn!!!! I love it! (7-31 18:21)
2020-7-25 14:20
electrospider78: i just wanna sleep away the daylight dont i? its 1 am and i wanna stay up!?
  • Jasper: I very much felt that (7-26 15:14)
2020-7-25 04:38
Solariopa: I remember the days when I still did Stella Style. I doubt I will ever continue Stella Style or continue a line of my fashion styles, but either way... those were the days.
  • Jasper: I remember Stella Style. It was definitely one of the most iconic fairy fashion lines. (7-26 15:15)
2020-7-25 00:55
Solariopa: I'm upset that my first year of college will be virtual only </3... I hate quarantine.
2020-7-25 00:48
PixieDelRey: yall.. im back <3
  • Jasper: Welcome back Melone <33 (7-26 15:15)
  • PixieDelRey: thank u jas, ily <3 (8-2 14:07)
2020-7-24 18:34
Lava: So, I no longer have a job now.... I am not okay. Spooky season, you will be missed! AND ALSO WEAR YOUR MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.
  • Jasper: Yes please wear your mask, people. (7-26 15:16)
  • Jasper: Also again I am really sorry about your job, Lava.. /: (7-26 15:19)
  • Lava: It's okay. Until next year i suppose. :/ (7-29 21:17)
  • wavesup: So sorry to hear that Lava. Stay strong!! And yes, do wear a mask everyone! (8-7 22:35)
  • Lava: Omg you're so sweet! Thank you. <333 (8-8 21:32)
2020-7-24 16:54
Serendipity129:   I've finally figured out how to upload images that previously failed to upload. All I did was save the same files to be smaller than 1MB, which may be the key to uploading my new profile pic.
  • Jasper: That's great! Yeah, the forum does have an image size limit, which is why we usually recommend using .jpg or .jpeg format. (7-26 15:17)
  • TheCuriousSeed: That's how I figured out the uploads too! .PNGs are a little larger than .JPGs on average, but much smaller than .BMPs. Shrinking your file dimensions can help too. (10-25 21:19)
2020-7-22 19:24
electrospider78: Why must Silvagunner be so cursed yet have so many nuggets of gold hidden behind GRAND DAD memes and generally CURSED things, or it's just kazoo. depends.
2020-7-19 04:16
Torrine: I changed my page to be Plaguemona themed! It's not very good but I like it. I need to add more stuff to make it really "pop"...
  • Villiana: It looks great so far Torri! I can't wait to see the final look!~ <3 (7-18 21:35)
2020-7-18 18:22
Torrine: I want to redo my space because mine looks terrible compared to all the other ministers but I don’t know what theme to do lol
2020-7-18 04:13
noriaki: love love!!    
2020-7-9 21:48
Serendipity129: It's the next day, and PH Online is running as smoothly as ever! Everything seems to be in order.  
2020-7-7 16:10
Serendipity129: Pixie Hollow Online has been acting up today for multiple players, meaning that the environment is showing up white or otherwise invisible, even after refreshing the page.  
2020-7-7 01:15
destiny7: Was able to change my profile a bit, I'm not sure that this is exactly what I want, but I kinda really like it.  
  • Jasper: Looking awesome to me   (7-5 00:12)
  • destiny7: Thanks Jas! (7-5 15:43)
2020-7-4 15:21
lou: i'm about to sign off! just played w jasper and juniper, they were so nice!
  • Jasper: Really nice to chat with you! Hope to see you again soon!   (7-5 00:11)
2020-7-4 00:34
Lava: This is lame but, I"M FINALLY A MINISTER!!!!
  • MoonChildPotter: Welcome to the club! Took me a while too! ;D ~ XO Moon (6-23 19:44)
  • Lava: Awh thanks :) (6-23 20:52)
2020-6-20 22:43
Lava: Do you ever just overthink to the point that you don't believe the truth anymore...?
  • Jasper: I do this.... *checks clipboard*... every day of my life! (6-18 23:07)
  • Lava: wow, it's like we really were born of the same laugh lol xD (6-19 13:24)
2020-6-18 14:59
Snowie: I thought 2017 was bad, nothing could ever prepare me for 2020.
  • Jasper: I could have written this, same. :( (6-14 00:46)
  • Snowie: :(, we need to talkkkk (6-14 23:53)
2020-6-13 21:18

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