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Solariopa: y'all... I think I fixed it... but idk if it will reset again if I re-edit the page back to the way it was jrijgirjgrg
2020-8-20 21:12
Solariopa: I don't think 'page reset' is the right term because my backgrounds and headers and title bars stay put. But my blocks/content area always gets checked back on after a few hours.
2020-8-20 15:43
Solariopa: Never changing my page again  
2020-8-20 15:31
Solariopa: I hope I can find a way to fix the reset glitch on my page because right now it keeps happening every couple of hours and it's frustrating.
  • Solariopa: It stinks since the reset glitch wasn't a problem for me until I updated my page. (8-19 20:02)
  • Jasper: This is a really old fix and you may have already done it but it's worth a shot; try going to the "style" tab and changing that to "butterfly". Worked back in the day, don't know if it still will. :/ ... (8-19 22:04)
2020-8-19 19:57
Solariopa: All these page resets make me glad I saved my codes lol
2020-8-18 15:42
Solariopa: Not sure why my page reset, will fix later.
2020-8-18 08:29
Solariopa: Think I'm happy with how my page turned out <3 I may apply more edits in the future but I have to get ready to sleep.
2020-8-18 01:55
electrospider78: had a reeeal fun beach day yesterday, but now i gotta sunburn on my back   (we forgot sunscreen). day went great otherwise. got a nice brunch @ 11 and a boba and snack time at 4-ish.
2020-8-18 00:59
Lava: I wanna stand as close as I can to the edge without going over.
  • Jasper: "Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center." (8-18 00:20)
  • Lava: (8-18 00:55)
2020-8-17 16:19
Solariopa: Currently doing touch-ups on my page. Really want it to look the best it can be.
2020-8-17 15:58
Solariopa: Revived my blog with another story excerpt. I don't know how long it will be revived; depends on my mood and the amount of time I have.
2020-8-16 12:16
brockcopperbell: Thank u, next
2020-8-16 07:22
FaunaAspenleaf: Currently LOVING the purple chat box in game that goes with my user group. LOL. Can't get over it, my favorite shade of purple, matches my talent !!!!! :)
2020-8-14 15:18
electrospider78: my bones have been sore for 2 days, bc sis took me to a DUNGEON of a hiking trail...
2020-8-13 19:52
Celtiere: I love that this version of Pixie Hollow allows you to have performing talent, because I remember that in TBATLT that I loved the way the acting/performing fairy used Pixie Dust.
  • Jasper: I feel the same way about the Fast Flying talent. My fairy Jasper has always been a fast flyer in my head and on the forum, but I was so excited when the new talents were added to FairyABC in 2018. (8-11 14:49)
2020-8-11 13:53
Jasper: єи∂ℓєѕѕ иιgнт υи∂єяиєαтн
2020-8-11 00:16
2020-8-8 22:23
twilight: * sighs * i'm bored and i really miss you guys. please come in games. rip.  
2020-8-8 16:58
Solariopa: Just posted my August fanfiction excerpt on my page. Feel free to read. <3
  • Villiana: i just finished reading it & i loved it stells, your writing never ceases to amaze me, you have a way with words that's so unique i love it sm. this world needs your talent, so never stop writing. <3 ... (8-1 14:57)
  • Solariopa: Thanks Nilla. Recently I lost my motivation to write, so I'm glad I was able to get back into the groove of writing. (8-1 15:08)
  • Villiana: anytime stells, and that's 100% okay & understandable, i'm so glad you were able to get back into it. you only have write when you want to/when inspired, no rush, you got this. <3 (8-1 16:07)
2020-8-1 14:49
MysticBeam: Yay! I am a certified fairy now!!!!
2020-7-31 20:43

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