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ElarianaSky: trying to figure out how things work here hhhh
2020-9-9 21:23
wavesup: Ok so there is a major heat wave of like 110 degrees and I don't want to risk going to the beach because of how many people there is because of labor day  
2020-9-6 16:07
Lava: It's funny. You think you know how you want things in life to go and then someone comes along and suddenly you question everything.
2020-9-5 16:47
Fungirl99000: I have a genuine question,,, is the real person pic rule ever gonna have exceptions? Like, if the pic ain't us, but some celebrity, shouldn't that be okie dokie?  
  • Jasper: Celebrities also apply to the rule. The reasoning is that the staff can't really go through every picture to determine if it was a selfie, or someone someone knows irl, or a lesser known public figure (9-2 22:40)
  • Jasper: And of course yeah, everyone knows who someone like Ariana Grande is, but it then goes into the discussion of how famous is "not famous enough" to be quickly recognized as a public figure and not a - ... (9-2 22:41)
  • Jasper: - player's selfie, and that's a really vague line to draw, so it's easier to just ban all real person pictures regardless. It all has to do with being certified as a kid safe website. (9-2 22:43)
  • Fungirl99000: I see (9-10 18:55)
2020-9-2 21:58
Lava: "You look sad today..." ~~I'm always sad, I just don't have the energy to hide it anymore~~ *smiles* "Nah, I'm fine. Sorry about that!"
2020-9-2 17:42
  • Jasper: WOOOOOOT (9-2 15:39)
2020-9-1 19:42
Solariopa: RIP to all my credits. I'm a Pixie Pal again, lost like 3000 credits reeeee.
2020-8-30 14:14
ihaveausername: I'm back!! ...anyone remember me?
  • Jasper: I do! Welcome back! (8-30 10:29)
2020-8-29 23:36
FaunaAspenleaf: Updated my forum page for Autumn. It took me like three hours to figure out, so i hope you guys like it XDD.
2020-8-28 21:42
electrospider78: my sis got a dog, he's a 9 year old huskie/malamute mix. he LARGE. also still getting used to us. he's way too smart tho, broke 1 of his toys in an hour and would guide us to what he wants.
  • Jasper: That's so precious (8-27 15:43)
  • Jasper: Pretend like there was a pleading emoji there (8-27 15:44)
2020-8-27 02:46
wavesup: This isn't a big deal but I am now a PIXIE PALLLLLL!  
  • Jasper: Congrats! (8-27 15:42)
2020-8-26 15:11
louiselouisa: i haven't forgotten about fairyabc! i just have a lot of things going on right now and don't have as much time to like. play the game and stuff haha. i'm not leaving!! i just have school & stuff :) ...
2020-8-26 14:30
louiselouisa: as you guys have probably noticed, i haven't been very active since like 2017 lol. i started high school then, and am a senior now, so a lot has changed haha! 1/2
2020-8-26 14:29
louiselouisa: hey everyone i'm back again and am back at school as well :)
2020-8-26 14:27
Fungirl99000: Y'all had me scared for a second with that error
2020-8-24 23:47
Solariopa: I THINK I figured out what exactly caused resets: the special text font I was using. I guess fabc can't process the font or something.
2020-8-22 15:17
Solariopa: Messing with my page again, still a WIP Dx
2020-8-22 13:53
callie1104: hi! I am callie. Im new, and i've never played the original. right now I just finished school and heard about this, and now i'm playing.
2020-8-21 16:33
callie1104: Update yo ur activities...
2020-8-21 16:09
Solariopa: Testing to see if my page will stay with this style, crossing my fingers.
2020-8-21 00:31

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